A Tim Cook Earth Day tweet has shown off four ‘Shot on iPhone’ nature photos. These show two penguins against a mountain backdrop, a tiny frog sitting in a flower (above), a close-up of a snake and a giraffe beneath a tree on an open plain with rain in the background …


Apple earlier issued an Earth Day press release, updating us on its mangrove restoration project, chosen because mangroves absorb ten times as much carbon as land-based trees.

Cook tweeted:

Happy #EarthDay everyone! What a beautiful world we live in. Let’s all embrace our shared responsibility to each other to take care of our one and only planet Earth. Photos #shotoniPhone by @EstherHavens, Sarah Norvell, Jason Barnes and @VincentRiemer.

Nature was also the theme of a recent ‘Shot on iPhone XS’ video, featuring clips by four film directors. Wildlife featured included zebras, sea-lions, owls, elephants, bison, rattlesnake, sharks, horses, and rhinos – while the landscapes included desert, mountain avalanche, lightning storm, waves, and lava.

Apple Stores are also marking Earth Day with special workshops at eight flagship stores around the world.

At top stores in San Francisco, Chicago, Brooklyn, Paris, Singapore, London, Dubai, and Milan, Apple will also host exclusive Today at Apple events with a focus on climate change awareness, sustainability, and a positive look toward the future. These sessions will be led by local artists and activists.

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