Update: There’s now a behind-the-scenes video too – which shows they used explosives to create the avalanche …

Apple is out today with another ‘Shot on iPhone XS‘ video (below), this one entitled Don’t mess with Mother (Earth).

It features a wide variety of stunning wildlife and nature clips shot by four award-winning film directors known as the Camp4 Collective …


The Camp4 Collective is made up of directors Anson Fogel, Renan Ozturk, Tim Kemple and Andy Mann.

The clips range from insects to mountainscapes. Wildlife featured includes zebras, sea-lions, owls, elephants, bison, rattlesnake, sharks, horses, and rhinos. Landscapes include desert, mountain avalanche, lightning storm, waves and lava.

As usual, don’t necessarily expect to be able to get the same results yourself. In addition to professional crews, Apple notes that additional kit was used, which typically includes cinema-quality lenses, and stabilisers. The iPhone is effectively simply acting as a sensor.

Previous Shot on iPhone XS videos include diving in the Maldives, surfing in Cuba and ice-hockey player Mitch Marner – as well as a fun experimental video using water, fire, and metal.

Update: Although the Camp4 Collective only lists three directors on its website, we’re advised that there is a fourth, now added above.

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