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AAPL Company Stories February 1

Apple beats out Amazon, Microsoft, Disney to earn world’s most admired company yet again

Fortune’s annual most admired ranking for companies around the world is out today. And Apple continues its long-running domination of this survey as it again beat out Amazon, Microsoft, and Disney for first place.

AAPL Company Stories February 3

Apple antitrust case settled in South Korea; businesses and consumers benefit

An Apple antitrust case in South Korea has finally been settled, almost five years after the company was first accused of abusing its dominant position in the marketplace. Following an investigation, Apple was found guilty of anti-competitive practices in 2018. Apple proposed to settle the matter by agreeing to cease the practices that led to […]

AAPL Company Stories January 7

iPhone leads December smartphone activations in the US, significantly outpacing Samsung

More data is coming in on iPhone and smartphone sales in the US during the important December timeframe. We saw in a previous report from Flurry Analytics that iPhone took the top 9 of 10 smartphone activations on Christmas Day. Now the firm has shared data on how iPhone stacked up against the competition for […]

AAPL Company Stories November 17, 2020

Truck hijacked with $6.6M worth of Apple products on board

A truck has been hijacked in the UK, with £5M ($6.6M) worth of Apple products on board. The theft took place on Britain’s M1 motorway, a major road running from London to Leeds. The thieves have so far gotten away with 48 pallets of products in what would seem to be a rather risky crime […]

AAPL Company Stories August 30, 2012

Reuters: Tim Cook and Google’s Larry Page are communicating on patents

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page are reportedly in talks regarding mobile patent disputes between the companies. According to Reuters, which cited “people familiar with the matter,” both chiefs spoke on the phone last week while more discussions between “lower-level officials” are also underway: Page and Cook are expected to talk again […]

AAPL Company Stories August 23, 2012

Pre-iPhone launch is getting crowded: Motorola/Google, Microsoft and now Amazon are all opening for Apple


When word hit at the end of July that Apple was planning an iPhone launch in September, the other big guys in the space all seemed to scurry. Microsoft’s Windows 8/Nokia event was planned for Sept. 5 in New York City and announced on Aug. 15.

Google subsidiary Motorola planned an event for the same day in New York City (easy for the Tech Press!). Invites went out Aug. 17. Droid RAZR HD is the likely main event.

Today, Amazon announced that it would have an event in L.A., where it will likely reveal successors to the Kindle Fire, which may include a 10-inch tablet and even a phone.

Why are all these guys lining up Apple to be the main event for the holidays? Why don’t they wait until after Apple’s event? Google moving Google I/O until after WWDC certainly seemed to help the Nexus 7?

It doesn’t matter. These three major players will get their few days of fame (if that), and then they will be totally washed out by the iPhone event on Sept. 12.

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