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iPhone Stories April 6

Apple’s patent reveals a new system for predicting when your iPhone will run out of battery

Apple has been working on new ways to let users know more about the battery life of their devices, and it seems that the company plans to add even more related features to iOS. The US Patent & Trademark Office this week granted Apple a patent for a new system that can predict and warn […]

iPhone Stories March 31

Tips and tricks for backing up the data from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Today, March 31 is World Backup Day – a good reminder to check in on how your device backups are looking. Even with Apple’s high-quality products, it’s important to backup regularly. No device works flawlessly all the time and there are many scenarios outside of device failure when a backup is crucial like upgrading, accidents, […]

iPhone Stories March 11

Australia to investigate the impact of Apple and Google’s default search engine deal

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission wants to know the impact of Google being the predominant web search service on most devices, including on the iPhone and Safari browser. The press release sent today is seeking submissions from consumers and industry participants about choice screens.

iPhone Stories March 16

Apple brand loyalty hits all-time high as Samsung loyalty dives

Apple brand loyalty among smartphone owners has hit an all-time high, according to a survey by SellCell. It shows that 91.9% of iPhone owners plan to buy another iPhone when they next upgrade, up 1.4% from 2019. Samsung, in contrast, has seen its own brand loyalty plunge …

iPhone Stories February 26

Bill Gates explains why he still prefers Android over iPhone during interview on Clubhouse

During a recent interview on the invite-only audio conversation app Clubhouse, Bill Gates revealed why he still prefers to use an Android phone over the iPhone. What it boils down to, Gates explained, is that Android manufacturers are “more flexible” with software integration.

iPhone Stories March 3

Microsoft’s new ‘Group Transcribe’ iPhone app offers free real-time transcription and translation

Microsoft is out today with a new iPhone app that’s aiming to improve in-person meetings and conversations with a new take on smart transcription. The Group Transcribe iOS app is now available and boasts features like highly accurate real-time transcription, translation, speaker attribution, and more.

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