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AAPL Company Stories October 21

Apple lobbies the US government to cut taxes on local chip production

Apple has been trying to boost domestic chip production in the United States, and for that the company has lobbied the U.S. government to get some tax reductions and other benefits. This suggests that the company is likely to increase its supply chain in the United States.

AAPL Company Stories October 29

Air pollution in China’s ‘iPhone city’ blamed on iPhone 12 production

Air pollution in China has spiked in Zhengzhou, colloquially known as ‘iPhone city’ as it is the center of assembly operations by Apple’s key iPhone suppliers. Analysts say that the increase in pollution can be directly linked to iPhone 12 production …

AAPL Company Stories October 8

Apple suppliers among those being pressured by US to leave China

Apple suppliers are among the Taiwanese tech companies being pressured by the White House to move their manufacturing operations away from China, says a new report today. Washington is said to have “weaponized tech supply chains” against China…

AAPL Company Stories May 14

WSJ: Apple chip maker TSMC could announce plans for a US factory as soon as this week

A new report today from the Wall Street Journal reiterates that Apple supplier TSMC is in negotiations to build a multibillion-dollar manufacturing plant in Arizona. This follows up its original report from earlier this week, with today’s report adding that an announcement could be made this week.

Trump suggests new ‘tax’ on companies manufacturing outside the U.S., including Apple

President Trump is again pressuring companies including Apple to move all of their manufacturing into the United States. The comments were made in an interview with Fox Business, during which Trump floated the idea of charging a “tax” to companies when “they make product outside.”

AAPL Company Stories May 11

Report: White House talking with Apple chip maker TSMC about building a US factory

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Trump administration is discussing with chip manufacturers including TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor) and Intel about the possibility of building fabrication plants in the United States. TSMC manufacturers the core system-on-a-chip silicon that Apple relies on for its iOS devices (and soon Macs too). The upcoming A14 chip that […]

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