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Tech Industry Stories August 26, 2009

Microsoft partners wowed with Snow Leopard, as analysts say

Microsoft is big, really big, and because it is so big it has lots of ‘friends’, some of which it calls ‘Channel Partners’. And many of those Channel Partner ‘friends’ seem pretty impressed…by Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard (which ships Friday, folks).

Vista wasn’t so much a view as a disaster, with consumer and business users preferring to stay safe with Windows XP. And while Windows 7 promises more, there’s work ahead for Redmond, observed on of the company’s friends..

Tech Industry Stories August 12, 2009

Nokia, Microsoft team for Apple iPhone attack

Stung by falling market share and Apple’s iPhone ascendancy, unlikely bedfellows Nokia and Microsoft are hatching a few joint plans to unseat the smartphone champion, and it seems Office support in Nokia handhelds will be part of this attack.

Microsoft today will announce an alliance with Nokia, an alliance which seems set to spawn a new era of Office suite app compatibility on Nokia phones.

Tech Industry Stories February 12, 2010

MWC Barcelona: Skype coming to Verizon, Windows Mobile 7 announced

What it means is all speculation at this point but Skype and Verizon are holding a joint press conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.  It isn’t a huge stretch to say that they’ll likely be announcing Skype access over Verizon’s 3G.  

Nobody has really picked up on this but here’s an interesting point:  Apple/AT&T’s iPhone commercials have been jabbing Verizon because they can’t do calls and data at the same time over 3G.  With Skype VoIP running in the background, Verizon gets to tell Apple and AT&T to shut up about that particular shortcoming.  UK carrier 3, already has a deal set up with Skype that encourages their customers to use Skype on their networks, but this would be the first major network to endorse the VoIP product.

Tech Industry Stories February 15, 2010

MWC Barcelona: Adobe intros Flash 10.1, AIR for mobile

At Mobile World Congress 2010, Adobe introduced the latest version of Flash for mobile phones, including the unveiling of Adobe AIR on mobile devices, a consistent runtime for standalone applications to come out of the Open Screen Project.

Expected to offer Android support in 2010, Adobe pushed AIR  as a solution for developers hoping to create rich applications, across operating systems – though it has also been revealed Windows 7 will not support Flash.

Adobe also announced that a beta of Flash Player 10.1 is now available to content providers and mobile developers worldwide. The final version is expected to ship in the first half of 2010.

Tech Industry Stories October 13, 2009

"Commercial-free" Windows-branded Family Guy episode planned for November.

Interesting marketing strategy here.  They do a full episode of the Family Guy-type comedy based on a Windows 7 story line (Family Guy also has an iPhone App).  The show won’t have any commercials because it is bought and paid for by Microsoft.  Kind of blurring the lines between entertainment and advertising. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft does with this strategy.

Video from previous sponsored programing via Engadget.

"You’ll see us deeply integrated into the content … you’ll hear a lot about how Windows 7 can help you simplify your PC — it’s simple, fast and easy to use," said Gayle Troberman, general manager of consumer engagement and advertising at Microsoft. She went on: "Think about metaphors and examples we might use, talking about how simple things are. We’ll be evoking the cast of ‘Family Guy’ in some interesting ways that integrate the product messages."

Tech Industry Stories October 16, 2009

Under the radar – 11am GMT October 16

Good morning all, welcome to our Friday collection of under the radar stories, your one-stop shop primer for all the rest of the Apple news today.. So what have we got?

Apple’s iPhone sales are bigger than ever and will exceed Wall Street estimates, an analyst has expressed – and we’ll be able to check these estimates on Monday when Apple has at last confirmed it will offer its Q4 financial call.

With Windows 7 looming, if you use virtualisation software, good news, VMware Fusion 3 (which is fast and recommended) is available now for pre-order on Amazon; If you’ve been investing enough in Apple stock you may already be a millionaire, and there’s an App for you if you are; also on an iPhone tip, the first paid for app has gone free with a changed business model following Apple’s introduction of in-app purchasing for free Apps yesterday; there’s some move in Apple retail; Michael Jackson will be making it to iTunes (well, he won’t be, but his label and his estate have figured a way to make a little money in his memory); oh, and Google announces stellar Q3 results and reveals a platform-agnostic eBook plan (tablet tablet).  Brief news: iPhone partner for Guam while Apple dominates Twitter buzz. And the usual pair of rather attractive bargains for our US and UK readers. — All after the blip…

Surprise, Surprise – MSFT retail opens Oct 22

Well, we say surprise, but let’s face it, it’s not terribly exciting – seems Microsoft, sponsors of Family Guy, givers of Win Mob 6.5 and desperate to convince XP users to switch to its latest operating system plans to open its first retail locations on Windows 7 launch day, October 22.

Tech Industry Stories September 29, 2009

Ballmer: Safari and Chrome market share are rounding errors, Apple is expensive

In part 3 of his interview with Techcrunch, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer laid some choice tidbits for us to dissect…like the following:

The most successful [IE competitor] by far is Firefox. Chrome is a rounding error to date. Safari is a rounding error to date. But Firefox is not. The fact that there’s a lot of competitors probably is to our advantage. Yeah, we’re right now about 74 percent overall with the browser market, roughly speaking. But we’re having to compete like heck with IE 8, with great new features. The other guys are getting more and more unanticipated competitive attack factors, the thing that Google announced yesterday where they replaced IE but they don’t tell you. I mean that’s how I would say it. For all intents and purposes of what they’re doing IE is not there. It’s their operating system. Instead of now masked as browser, it’s masked as a plug in basically to IE. So, you know, we’re going to have to compete like heck and you know, see where things go. The one thing that’s unclear is what’s the economic play for anybody else competing with us at the browser level. Is this all about kind of controlling the search box or is it about something else?

Marketshare from Aug 2009 NetApplications

Tech Industry Stories October 5, 2009

Microsoft Monday, WinMob 6.5, Ballmer disses Apple, thousands of Hotmail log-ins leak

Hello and welcome to Microsoft Monday today, with the company’s bombastic CEO putting the smack down on Apple market share, preparations for the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS tomorrow plainly under way, and in a moment which should forever eradicate the notion that security and Microsoft are friends, the shock leak of thousands of Hotmail passwords giving the company a headache.

Tech Industry Stories October 23, 2009

How Apple saved Taiwan and turns on tomorrow's people

Nokia’s move to slam a lawsuit down against the Apple juggernaut’s profit phone hasn’t dented iPhone enthusiasm one little bit.

The device is impacting everywhere right now, with Apple’s iPhone component partners in particularly jubilant mood as millions of the devices shift every 13 weeks.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at a gaggle of small Taiwanese firms – Yageo, Cyntec, Polytronics Technology, Mag.Layers Scientific-Technics, Thinking Electronic and TXC – all of whom faced steep revenue decline in the current quarter in the generally depressed tech market.

As we know, Apple isn’t part of the “generally depressed tech market”, which is why those small firms are breathing a little easier following this week’s Apple results call, as they now know they’re going to see, “narrower revenue declines or flat revenues in the fourth quarter of 2009 thanks to the popularity of Apple’s iPhone”.

Tech Industry Stories October 31, 2009

Adobe AIR 2.0: gains MultiTouch, promises performance boost and gesture controls

Adobe and Apple may not yet have inked a deal to bring Flash support to the iPhone, but that hasn’t stopped the Photoshop developer from adding a few next-gen smartphone-focused features to Adobe AIR, which promises a slew of these in its next version upgrade.

Just look at these features and tell us Apple didn’t force industry change when it introduced the MultTouch-savvy iPhone (which now accounts for one-in-forty cellphones sold worldwide, BTW).

As revealed by Adobe AIR application developer, Christian Cantrell, Adobe AIR 2.0 will be the nads when it comes to smartphone and tablet device usage. And the software’s set to ship next year, we’ve learned.

As Apple does already, so the Adobe app will add support for Multi-touch and gesture-based controls – though not both at once (”Applications can listen for multi-touch events, or gesture events (not both at the same time)”, the developer warns.”

Tech Industry Stories June 23, 2008

Motorola massacre: iPhone slices Razr…

 Apple’s iPhone is already snapping at the heels of Research In Motion and trouncing Palm, but spare a thought for another victim of the invasion – former partner, Motorola.

Apple worked with Motorola to deliver the first iTunes-capable mobile phone, the somewhat lacklustre ROKR. While this never truly competed with Motorola’s RAZR phone, it was an attempt.

Motorola’s handset sales are suffering now in the PiP (Post-iPhone) world. A survey by Rubicon Consulting reveals 14 per cent made the switch from Windows Mobile; 13 per cent from Blackberry, 7 per cent ran from Palm – but almost a quarter, 24 per cent, of those surveyed were previously owners of a Motorola Razr.

Tech Industry Stories July 22, 2010

Microsoft guarantees 90k Win phone 7 sales in anti-iPhone give-away

Microsoft has a new plan to stop its thousands of iPhone-wielding employees using their Apple smartphone — it intends giving all 90,000 MSFT staff a free Windows 7 phone (hear the wo0ts).

So there’ll be no excuse not to drink at Microsoft’s water fountain any more.

Tech Industry Stories July 23, 2010

World's richest corp. sends employees to the garage in attempt to keep relevant in the age of iPhone-ness

OK, so we know that Microsoft has guaranteed the first 90,000 Windows 7 phone sales (by buying them for its own people), now the Redmond copycat has hitched up its skirts to make a deal with ARM [Ed: Insert Better Analogy Here], and has plans to take the world’s richest corporation back to the garage by encouraging its own staff to, erm, make Win 7 Phone apps.


So, if you work for Microsoft you’re going to be asked to develop for the future phone (wonder if this means Micorosft will spew some stat touting just how quickly it managed to build a developer ecosystem?)

Tech Industry Stories July 24, 2010

Browser Speed test: iPhone 4 vs. Windows Phone 7 series

Windows Phone 7 will be about the only major mobile platform not using a Webkit browser.  And it shows.  While Google and Apple are taking turns being the fastest (and Blackberry’s new Webkit browser showing promise), Windows Mobile, based on IE’s engine is…well…watch:


While Windows Phone 7 is still in beta, other platforms aren’t standing still.  A fast browser is one of the most important parts of a Smartphone. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can overcome this disparity. 

Tech Industry Stories June 1, 2011

Wow! Windows 8 is tiled and touch (Video)

Mosaic of tiles (“which are better icons because they can show their personality”).  Honestly, this looks pretty interesting.  Also interesting will be Microsoft’s ability to deliver a finished product and whether or not this will work across devices.. And you thought Mac was going back to iOS?  Windows is becoming fully touch enabled like Windows […]

Tech Industry Stories September 26, 2010

Microsoft releases two new Windows Phone 7 commercials

Microsoft tries again on October 21st according to reports. Here’s their angle: Spend less time on your Smartphone. Another one below.

Tech Industry Stories March 15, 2011

Microsoft: Zune's not dead, it's an iTunes killer

“This year’s Zune hardware is Windows Phone 7”, says the Zune head. The Zune team head debunked yesterday’s report about the Zune’s demise. Dave McLauchlan, senior business development manager for Zune, insisted that the iPod didn’t kill the Zune in a semi-official statement posted to the AnythingButiPod forums. He reminded that “all consumer electronics products have […]

Tech Industry Stories February 1, 2011

A quarter of Apps are only used once

Mobile device users are acquiring ever more discretion about the Apps they use, with 26 percent of Apps only ever getting used once after being downloaded.

Tech Industry Stories December 20, 2010

Nokia and Microsoft seek smartphone alliance?

Yet more fascinating action in the smartphone space with an unholy rumored combination between Nokia and Microsoft set to potentially change the structure of the market. What’s happening?

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