Yo, the iOS app that exploded in popularity and died out just as quickly, received its first major update today with a couple of significant new additions. Version 2.0 of Yo, available on the App Store now, adds the ability for users to send images to each other. In classic Yo fashion, the feature is as simple as it could be. You can’t send GIFs or anything other than images.

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The feature works by swiping left from the home screen and choosing a content. By doing that, an image is automatically taken and sent to the selected contact with a single touch. In a similar fashion, swiping right on the home screen brings you to a map with your current location, which you can also share with a friend by choosing a contact.

In addition to the ability to share pictures and locations, Yo 2.0 also introduces the ability to chat with groups. Users can now share images, their location, and send a Yo to more than one person at the same time. Finally, the update also adds support for sending a Yo to someone who does not have the app installed. That user will get a text message with the message and a link to download Yo from the App Store.

The update is available on the App Store now for free.

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