acessories Stories March 16, 2021

Accessories made by Apple aren’t exactly cheap, but there are several third-party makers that offer great products for more affordable prices. However, there’s also a whole market of counterfeit accessories — and Apple is now doing everything it can to take these products down.

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acessories Stories December 30, 2018

According to an FCC filing, AT&T is looking to join the ever-growing wireless charger accessory market. The company is purportedly planning a 2-in-1 Apple Watch and iPhone charger that also integrates a 3000mAh battery for charging on-the-go.

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acessories Stories June 22, 2017

The best battery cases for iPhone

Chances are good that you depend on your iPhone for a wide variety of uses, and for good reason, the device is a jack of all trades. But as iPhone functionality continues to grow, it’s easier and easier to drain your battery. Let’s take a look at some of the best battery cases available for iPhone.

acessories Stories April 13, 2017

PSA: Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter gets a firmware update to version 1.0.5

If you recently plugged in Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, you were likely met with an alert requesting an update for the device. The update is performed over the air directly via the iOS device that the dongle is connected to. It’s not clear what new enhancements or bug fixes, if any, are included with the new update, but there are no glaring user-facing changes that we’ve spotted thus far.

acessories Stories March 13, 2013


After it began selling Apple accessories including Apple TV, Airports, and more through its online store last month, Staples now appears to be gearing up to possibly sell other Apple products including iPhone, iPad and Macs. While we already knew that the company was planning on bringing the accessories to its brick and mortar locations, today MacRumors posted the internal document above showing Staples is also training sales staff on the iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks.

The training materials have a completion date of March 26 or 27, and with Staples already confirming plans to bring Apple TV and other products to stores by early next month, it’s a possibility other iOS devices and MacBooks could be included in the roll out. We’ll keep you updated if we get official word from the company.  expand full story

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