altconf Stories March 20, 2019

Apple last week officially confirmed WWDC 2019 details and opened registration. In conjunction with that announcement, popular “alternative Apple developer conference” AltConf today detailed its own 2019 conference and outlined what attendees can expect from it.

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altconf Stories March 13, 2018

AltConf announces 2018 event details, will once again be ‘next door to WWDC’

On the heels of Apple officially announcing WWDC 2018 today, AltConf has released details for its week-long event as well. This year’s AltConf will feature two speaker tracks, two community labs and some special plans for podcasters.

altconf Stories June 4, 2015

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In a letter received by the leaders of AltConf, it was revealed that Apple is cracking down on the live streaming of its WWDC video content at events other than its own. AltConf, which is a community-based developer conference being held in San Francisco the same week as WWDC, had planned to stream content from WWDC in its Viewing Room, but received a letter from an Apple legal representative which demanded that AltConf cease all plans to stream Apple content.

This firm represents Apple Inc. (“Apple”) in certain matters. Apple has recently learned that AltConf 2015 (“AltConf”) is promoting its intent to stream live content from Apple’s WWDC events, including the Keynote address, and is charging $300 for guaranteed spots in the viewing area for the live streams.

Publicly streaming Apple’s WWDC content in the manner in which AltConf proposes would violate Apple’s copyright rights in the content. This is particularly the case where AltConf proposes to offer the content for profit. Therefore, Apple requests that you refrain from publicly streaming the WWDC addresses.

In the letter, AltConf was told that it will not be allowed to show any content from WWDC at its event. AltConf has shown the WWDC keynote for the last several years with no backlash from Apple. expand full story

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