Funny Stories March 14, 2016

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The Apple/FBI iPhone encryption backdoor debate continues to ramp up, with an FBI filing late last week causing Apple SVP Bruce Sewell to describe the case as a smear campaign against the company. Apple and the FBI take the battle to the courts officially on March 22nd, the day after Apple’s spring media event.

Although the topic at hand is clearly important, where the government is asking Apple to make software to undermine the security of iPhones, the bureaucracy of court proceedings can make the (continuing) story pretty stale and laborious. In a Last Week Tonight segment, comedian Jon Oliver humorously presents the opposing arguments without losing the underlying factual basis.

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Funny Stories March 3, 2016

Send random GIFs, photos and quotes to friends blindly with Rando, a new iPhone app

An interesting new app by David Barnard (from Contrast, maker of Launch Center Pro) and friends is hitting the App Store today: Rando. It’s a straightforward — albeit strange — concept.

You choose to send a GIF, a quote or a picture (from your Photo library). You then choose a recipient contact and send them a random piece of media. You can even risk doing this completely blindly: the app will blur out the content so you can’t see it until its been sent to a friend.

Funny Stories April 12, 2013

Funny Or Die Producer Allison Hord discusses making their version of a Steve Jobs biopic [Video]

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Via Bloomberg. Trailer to the movie is here.

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