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AirPlay isn’t dead as a wireless speaker standard, but it’s not exactly healthy: many models have been discontinued, and new releases have all but stopped. Having previously gone all-in with AirPlay, Danish designer speaker maker Libratone is now rolling out updated versions of its circular Loop, tube-shaped Zipp, and triangular Live systems that augment AirPlay rather than ditching it. The new Libratone Loop ($500) modestly tweaks the prior version to add Bluetooth 4.0 support — a feature that radically increases Loop’s compatibility. Though its high price tag will continue to keep this model out of reach for most consumers, long-awaited and substantial discounts on the prior-generation models (Loop here, Zipp here, Live here) may bolster their appeal.

Having tested the new Loop, my personal feelings are mixed: I applaud Libratone for consistently releasing speakers that look distinctive, working both as design objects and audio systems, but the MSRPs remain somewhat hard to justify given the sonic performance…

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Loop Stories February 27, 2014

Apple adds Kendrick Lamar to iTunes Festival lineup at SXSW

As noted by The Loop, Apple has announced that Kendrick Lamar will be returning to the iTunes Festival again this year at its March event in Austin, Texas, during SXSW later this year.

Earlier this month, Apple shared that it was bringing its iTunes Festival to the United States for the first time this year. Apple has already announced other artists added to the lineup including Soundgarden.

Check below for more of the already announced lineup:

Loop Stories October 12, 2012

While the press has not received any invites to an Apple media event, AllThingsD writer John Paczkowski is claiming today that the invite-only iPad mini event is still scheduled for this month. According to the report, the event will likely be held in Apple’s Town Hall auditorium later this month on Oct. 23:

Apple will hold a special event this month at which it will showcase a new, smaller iPad. People familiar with Apple’s plans tell us that the company will unveil the so-called “iPad mini” on October 23 at an invitation-only event… Sources declined to specify where the event is to be held, and I’ve not been able to confirm a location.

That would put the launch just two days before Apple is set to announce its earnings for Q4, and it is only three days before Microsoft is expected to launch its new Surface tablet. It would also be a Tuesday, rather than a Wednesday, but Paczkowski seems quite confident of the date.

Well, details are slim. Sources say the iPad’s diminutive sibling will feature a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display and a Lightning connector. It will also probably be thinner. And that’s about it… But we’ll know more soon. On October 23.

As expected, both The Loop and iMore later agreed with the date.

Loop Stories September 16, 2012

Just as it did for the iPhone 5, Apple posted schematics for the new fifth-generation iPod touch and seventh-generation iPod nano—both of which will be available to customers in the coming weeks. The blueprints are certainly useful if you are in the accessory game. You can see the iPod touch above (get a look at where the Loop is and the top area that should not be obscured by metal) and the iPod nano past the break (also notice a Bluetooth antenna area):

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Loop Stories September 12, 2012

Prominent developer continues to believe NFC hardware exists on the new iPhone

Prominent iOS developer @Chronic seems to indicate in a series of tweets this morning that there is indeed NFC hardware in the iPhone 5 (or at least prototypes), but it perhaps is not set up to be used for payment systems.

[tweet https://twitter.com/chronic/status/245834867626090496]

[tweet https://twitter.com/chronic/status/245836508068708352]

[tweet https://twitter.com/chronic/status/245837468488839168]

[tweet https://twitter.com/chronic/status/245840258040745984]

The tweets seems to fall along the same lines as what we had heard earlier about prototypes. However, Jim Dalrymple from the Loop disputed claims of NFC hardware, perhaps to temper expectations.

Just as a note: The iPhone had the capability to use FM RX/TX radio for years, but Apple decided not to enable it for listening to radio stations or even broadcasting to your car stereo for whatever reason. This could be a similar situation.

We will not know for sure until the iPhone is torn down later this month.

Loop Stories January 2, 2012

Apple reportedly planning late-January event in New York, media to be the focus

AllThingsD reported that Apple is planning an event for late January to be held in New York, not in Cupertino or San Francisco, Calif. The event will not be huge nor will it cover any iPad or Apple TV related announcements. But, for sure, several sources underscored that the event is not related to an […]

Loop Stories May 19, 2011


The lawyers contend that AT&T is overbilling for data and they’ve run tests to confirm the data overcharges. Tests include buying a new iPhone, turning everything that would use data off and letting it sit for two weeks. They contend that 35 different data charges occurred during that time.

AT&T contends that the iPhone uses data without the customer knowing. Recently, Apple’s collection of anonymous location data, and subsequent exchange of tower signal strength knowledge was brought into the spotlight. Perhaps that system is a data usage issue – even when data services are turned off.

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.

(Flash issues? Hit up MSNBC via The Loop)

Update: This looks like an update to an earlier lawsuit reported in February (thanks Seb!)

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Loop Stories January 6, 2011

COMPUTERWORLD: We’ll see the reality in a few hours, but there’s already some insight into what to expect from Apple’s new Mac App Store when it opens at 12 (noon) Eastern today. Critically, it’s likely we’ll see iOS developers port their apps at App Store prices, while existing Mac developers attempt to maintain classic pricing levels. (Image above is the holding page, thx to RFly.)

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