Polar Stories April 22, 2020

Polar is out with a robust new smartwatch today built for serious athletes. The Grit X features military-grade construction, up to 100-hour battery life, cardio, muscle, and perceived load monitoring, sleep tracking, and more, giving a glimpse at some of the powerful features we hope to see arrive on Apple Watch someday.

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Polar Stories June 26, 2019

Polar is expanding its packed lineup of sport watches with a new mid-priced entry called Ignite. The new $229.95 GPS fitness watch introduces new sleep analytics and fitness guidance features not yet built-in to the Apple Watch and new to Polar.

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Polar Stories October 24, 2013

Are LinkedIn users largely disinterested in its new Intro service?

Yesterday LinkedIn presented a new service called Intro that integrates LinkedIn contact information directly in your iPhone’s Mail app, but it looks like the social networking service is launching to a rather dismal reception.

According to a quick poll held by Polar, more than 80% of users answered negatively when asked if having email proxied was worth native LinkedIn headers.

Personally, I found the setup process especially unfriendly for the audience being served (it’s much more technical than downloading an app via the App Store). Of course, if you have no quibbles with LinkedIn mediating your email for the benefit of a little integration, you can try the service for yourself here.


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