Update: Now we are hearing that particular iPods sold in the Middle East don’t work.  So many come in from abroad, however that it is tough to understand which do and which don’t.

Ever since the iPhone 4’s launch in the Middle East we have reported on several development regarding a FaceTime “ban.” The first indicator of such “ban” was an odd change on some of Apple’s Middle Eastern iPhone websites. Next DU, a Middle Eastern carrier, announced FaceTime would not be available in the Middle East and the reason “is out of their control.” After this Apple created a support document that shows which countries do not allow for FaceTime calling.

Now, iRamadah is reporting that FaceTime does in fact work in all over the Middle East with the 4th generation iPod touch. This is a major development in this saga as it firmly proves that this is a carrier restriction and not something to do with Apple or Middle Eastern governments banning FaceTime. This also raises more questions about the iPhone 4 FaceTime ban as FaceTime only works over WiFi no matter the device being used.

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