We first discovered Find My Mac back in February and discovered some more clues in April but now the iOS security feature looks to be ready for primetime in Mac OSX Lion.  9to5mac reader Drew gives us a full walkthrough of the “Find My Mac” process.

Setting it up is pretty straightforward as you can see above.  Interestingly, when Find My Mac is enabled, Apple lets “Guest” users use Safari and nothing else on the machine.  That is a trick to help the Mac figure out where it is (IP address) and let you connect to it (below)…

Once you connect to your lost Mac, you can then “Play a Sound or message”, “Remote Lock” or “Remote Wipe” the Mac.

You can then remote lock or remote wipe your Mac.  Here’s what a locked Mac looks like:

Obviously, the more technically inclined among us, can bypass all of this with some MacOS Firmware tricks (Pulling RAM usually resets the firmware), but people who steal Macs aren’t usually so technically inclined.

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