We told you about Condition One before, a first-person immersive video app that combines “the power of the still image, the narrative of films and the emotional engagement of tactile experiences”. In recognition of Veterans Day, developer Danfung Dennis has finally brought the unique, interactive video experience, which as of yet features mostly video shot in war-torn regions, to the App Store with a free app for iPad…

“Users are given control of a virtual camera with the ability to look up, down, left, right and diagonally in any direction. Highly sensitive motion controls produce the illusion of looking through a window into another reality.”

The app aims to provide a unique blend of storytelling and interactivity by allowing the user to control vantage points and point of view by titling (iPad 2), as well as pan through different perspectives with a touch of the screen. The app currently includes three short videos from conflict photographer Patrick Chauvel, but new content will be made available automatically through in-app downloads. However, downloading videos requires WiFi and long download times, as they are typically the “size of HD movies”. You can grab the free app now for iPad 2 running iOs 4.2 or later (iPad 1 only supports touch mode).

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