Watch the full stream here or get it on iTunes.

Check out our full coverage of Apple’s education event and additional assets:

ARTICLE - Liveblog: Apple’s education-focuse media event in NYC
ARTICLE - Update on business metrics from Apple’s education event
ARTICLE - Apple releases iBooks 2, a brand new textbook experience for iPad
ARTICLE - Apple to price new iBook textbooks at $14.99 or less
ARTICLE - Apple announces iBooks Author, free Mac app for authoring textbooks
ARTICLE - Apple launches iTunes U, free iOS app for educators to take courses anywhere
ARTICLE - Apple releases iTunes 10.5.3 with support for textbook syncing to iPad
ARTICLE - Heartwarming clip of teachers and students Apple played at the presser
ARTICLE - An overview of publishing and distribution for iBooks Author
VIDEO - Gallery of elements that can be used for interactive iBooks
VIDEO - The iBooks Textbooks promo
PR - Apple reinvents textbooks with iBooks 2 for iPad
PR - Apple unveils all-new iTunes U app for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch
SUPPORT - iBooks Author: Best practices for using 3D models
SUPPORT - iBooks Author: Use iPad-safe fonts when authoring books
SUPPORT - iBooks Author – How to make your iBooks accessible
SUPPORT - iBooks Author – Add video to your iBooks
SUPPORT - iBooks Author – Publishing and distribution FAQ
CHANGELOG - iTunes 10.5.3 for Mac
CHANGELOG - iTunes 10.5.3 for Windows (64 bit)
APP STORE - iBooks Textbooks section in iTunes
APP STORE - iTunes U for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
APP STORE - iBooks 2 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
APP STORE - iBooks Author for Mac

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