Apple has released a new version of their iAd Producer software with several enhancements and new features. iAd Producer version 2.1 is faster so loading and saving for iAd Producer files happens more quickly. Additionally, exporting of iAds is quicker and utilizes less device memory. On the new features side of things, iAd Producer 2.1 extends support to the third-generation iPad with the Retina Display, allows for on-device ad debugging, and now supports WebGL assets. Perhaps the most important new feature is integration with Twitter. Apple says iAd creators can now integrate Twitter into their advertisments. This represents increasing Twitter integration with Apple products; a partnership that began last year with iOS 5 and that will be extended later this year with OS X Mountain Lion. The entire change log is after the break.

This update contains various improvements and fixes that:
• Provide improved load and save performance for iAd projects
• Improve the performance of exported ad units
• Facilitate better pre-load behavior for assets in exported ad units
• Allow ad upload and testing with iOS devices connected via USB
• Reduce device memory usage for image views
• Enable use of image sprites
• Provide support for on-device debugging
• Enable Twitter integration in iAd content
• Simplify visualization of animations by providing an onion-skinning view
• Expand the types of assets that can be imported and managed in the asset library to include common document types
• Support the new media object in iAd JS
• Provide support for integration of WebGL assets in iAd content
• Extend device support to include The New iPad

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