Google confirmed in May that it applied for domains, such as .google, .youtube, and .lol, as part of ICANN’s program to increase the amount of generic top-level domains. Today, ICANN officially published its list of the 1,409 applied-for domains. Among the other companies requesting domains, AssociatedPress reported Apple is after the “.apple” domain name:

Apple Inc., Sony Corp. and American Express Co. are among companies that are seeking names with their brands… If approved, the new suffixes would rival “.com” and about 300 others now in use. Companies would be able to create separate websites and separate addresses for each of their products and brands, even as they keep their existing “.com” name. Businesses that joined the Internet late, and found desirable “.com” names taken, would have alternatives.

While several companies—such as Google— have applied for various domains that cover different products and more common words like .app, Apple appears to have only applied for the “.apple” domain.

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