Amtrak revamped its official app today with support for iPhone 5.

The support—like timing for its trains— is a few months late, but the latest version makes up for the wait with a complete redesign of the Train Status feature. Amtrak said the tweaked UI better presents information, but the national railroad corporation also recommended users update to iOS 6.1 before using the latest version of its app.

Check it out:

Version 1.5 also reduces Facebook alerts for Amtrak eTickets and removes the 24-hour-wait limit for creating a new account or changing an existing account. Moreover, new accounts are available immediately. Amtrak said changes will launch when the app starts, and it included numerous, unspecified big fixes to improve performance.

Amtrak for iOS is free on the App Store and allows travelers to plan and book trains, check arrival status, display and add eTickets to Passbook, modify reservations, search for locations and building amenities, and connect to their Amtrak Guest Rewards Account.

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