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Just a quick note that we’ve moved our comment system to WordPress. You can log in with your WordPress, Twitter or Facebook accounts and you will need manual approval by mods the first time you comment (so prepare to wait a few minutes/hours). Previous stories will continue to contain  previous comment archives.

Why didn’t we go to Disqus or Livefyre? If it was only comments, we probably would have. But we’re building something kind of cool behind the scenes with WordPress and this is just the start.

As always, we read and appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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46 Responses to “Housecleaning: We’ve moved to WordPress comments”

  1. Herr Dice says:

    Good decision :D

  2. omnidragon says:

    I like this way better than disqus anyway. :D It’d be better if your email field was actually an email field, though. Makes it easier to type out on a mobile device.

  3. Oh wonderful. So now the 9to5forums are what?

    Last comment-system switch lost most of the 9to5Mac commentors. This will finish off the rest I’m guessing.

    • 9to5Forums are still 9to5Forums and will continue to be for the immediate future. In the long term, we’re looking at a new, more open way to to do comments and forums.

      We’re hoping that the people who disliked our old system come back to the new system

  4. Brandon Goon says:

    I actually do like this aloooooot better

  5. Nice, it looks much better already.

  6. DubTheDJ says:

    I noticed the change last night, but what happens the forums? I liked the way it was worked before, with the badges as awards etc. I like WordPress and all but I kinda liked the old system better.

    • Forums will stay the same for the time being. Yes, not elegant having two separate accounts but it will again be streamlined shortly.

      • DubTheDJ says:

        Good to hear, this is obviously the best Apple new site on the net and I like to contribute when I can, so good to hear your improving things behind the scenes.

  7. MacUser says:

    Thanks look clean..;)

  8. Name Anonymous says:

    So there is no password required for the new comments, so there is no real tracking of anyone posting?

    And does that mean our old username/passwords are no longer useful for anything?

    • well, if you don’t login with a wordpress/facebook/twitter account your email goes into mod which might take awhile. If you are logged in and have been good in the past it gets approved automatically.

      Old logins and passwords still work on 9to5forums and will for the immediate future.

  9. Mirek says:

    New comments seem alright :)

  10. Ezhik says:

    Test. How do I remove that stupid toolbar at the top?

  11. Cool. It looks. And loads much faster on iOS and Android

  12. Finally! Vanilla was awful and so slow.

  13. Nayer Hany says:

    Looks clean and nice! Thumbs up!

  14. Thank god! First comment I’ve been able to leave in over a year.

  15. danbridgland says:

    Anything that allows comments from an iOS device gets two thumbs up from me.

  16. As one of the very vocal voices encouraging the JetPack team to clone commenting off of and into JetPack it makes me happy to see comment heavy media adopting it. I really think its the most clean and simple enhanced commenting module for WP. I like disqus too, but its such bloat and annoying to use as a users. Good move 9to5 and 10up.

  17. Gary Lum says:

    Excellent. I like WordPress comments over the others.

  18. You get a thumbs-up from me for using the WP commenting system and NOT using Disqus/Livefyre!!

  19. bobyey says:

    Nice I like the switch.

  20. Nice change. (Also using this as my first comment so I can be authenticated)

  21. Aaron Renner says:

    Awesome change! Half the time, I couldn’t get the old system to even show up, and when it did, it would never let me comment.

  22. Ari says:

    thank god! finally i can comment on this site easily! i always had a lot of problems with the old comments!

  23. Good decision. This will make the site comments way busier guaranteed.

  24. Congratulations on improving the comments sydstem!

  25. Doesn’t render correctly on my iPhone. The “log in to reply” button is partly blocking the username in each comment.

  26. Saw it last night, thought it was because I had signed into WordPress [Did it for the first time since... Since pre-Vanilla comments!]

    I like it a lot better :)

  27. Nice. I’ve lost so many comments because of failed logins.
    Also, has anyone noticed that occasionally some article pictures wouldn’t load?

  28. I have found I can post an ‘original’ comment with my Twitter account as I have here, but it doesn’t maintain my login and if I wish to reply within a comment posted by someone else is requires that I log in with a WordPress account. Is this just a bug being worked out, hopefully?

  29. Luke Mansell says:

    I’ve always much preferred WordPress comments, they look a lot nicer!

  30. Weird. I can use twitter to leave comments via desktop, but on mobile it only lets me login using, which i’d rather not associate with my personal comments on 9to5. Any ideas for this?

  31. rahhbriley says:

    I’m late to the party….been on vacation. I’m kinda bummed to be honest. I understand it may have been for the best but its discouraging to lose the badges, number of comments, up/down vote, etc. I’m sure I’ll get over it but I think I’ll be less inclined to comment for awhile. Obviously 9to5’s comments are up after the switch so that’s a good thing, hopefully encouraging better conversation.