Update: Apple appears to have removed the app from the App Store.

A new iOS app called “MyStache” has made its way past Apple’s App Store reviewers with hidden emulator functionality for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy. The iPhone & iPad app is disguised as an “augmented reality Mustache app,” but loading up ROMs through iTunes file sharing reveals a small red button that will launch the built-in, hidden emulators.

The emulators work on both iPhone & iPad, and offer game saves, a full-screen mode, and landscape support.

This isn’t the first time that game emulator has made its way past Apple’s App Store reviewers. Developers have been hiding emulators in everything from ordinary looking puzzle games to baby name apps, and Apple is usually on top of pulling the emulators which allow users to load up ROM files for old console games. There had even been some solutions that bypassed the App Store allowing users to download emulators directly from their browser on to their iOS devices, but most of those apps seem to be no longer functioning.

We’d expect Apple to pull the new MyStache app shortly, but for now it’s still available on the App Store for $1.99.

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3 Responses to “‘MyStache’ iOS app sneaks past App Store reviewers with hidden Nintendo emulators”

  1. This is nothing but a cash grab from greedy devs. They know that nostalgic gamers will buy this instantly. I hope no one buys this as there are other, free alternatives, some of which dont require a jailbreak.


  2. Seems like it is only available in the U.S store.


  3. Steve Vogt says:

    I am wondering. How does one find these apps before they are taken down?