It wouldn’t be hard to put a little red plastic around the edges of an iPhone 5 and do the same thing here, but it is getting some play so we’re posting it for discussion. A little more proof would simply be flipping the iPhone over to see the backside which suspiciously isn’t done.

This could also be an iPhone 5 with the now common iPhone 5C plastic shell slapped on the back.

A re-uploaded YouTube of the video is below:

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12 Responses to “Supposed video of red iPhone 5C hits web, fails to impress”

  1. seems fairly obvious it’s a fake, too much lip around the edge


  2. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    It fails to impress!??? Why would some mid-tier iPhone impress anyone? I can’t imagine anyone expected it would be an impressive smartphone. I doubt even the iPhone 5S will impress anyone. Tech-heads have become completely jaded in terms of hardware. Apple isn’t building iPhones to impress anyone. They’re building them to sell to the average consumer. What would a company actually have to do to impress a tech-head. Super-large display? Been done. Super-fast quad processor? Been done. 24 MP camera? Been done. 20-hour battery life? Been done. Unless Apple can manage to fit some warp drive technology into a bendable smartphone all there is going to be is another round of “mehs” from the tech-heads. You don’t need an impressive smartphone to make consumers happy. Just make it reasonably priced and practical to use. Tens of millions of iPhones will end up being sold and the tech-heads will yawn as always.


    • With all that iRage you totally missed the point. What didn’t impress was the -authenticity of the- video, not the phone.
      Clam your tits


    • standardpull says:

      Gotta agree here, only the faux techheads are wowed with silly specs of the new devices on the market. 8 cores and 24 Mpix are only impressive to the marketing droids and not to the tech heads, as tech heads know what really counts – quality, performance, and efficiency. To pretend that core count or megapixels equate to “better” only fools the inept consumer, just like the dumbo car buyer that thinks that motor displacement equates to awesomeness (as the 4-banger 1.6 litre hatch leaves the 6 litre v8 in its dust)


    • PMZanetti says:

      Get a grip. And while you’re at, get reading comprehension. The authenticity of the item in the video is what was less then impressive, since it looks like a video of an iPhone 5 with a red bumper.


  3. Kris Klenke says:

    Looks fake to me. If its a new phone why have the accessibility feature turned on, home button and Sleep/Wake buttons not working? Why only play with Safari? And why not flip it around? Fake, fake, fake.


  4. Faked Book says:

    I wish these Chinese leakers would stop with their insubordination. Real or fake, I’d rather be surprised when Apple announces it than see shit quality videos that’s impossible to determine the legitimacy. Secrecy just hasn’t been the same since the iPhone 4.