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According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, Apple’s 2014 iPhone update is set to include a model with a larger display. Kuo pinpoints the screen increase to be between 4.5 and 5 inches. He also says that the display will continue to be based off of the in-cell touch screen technology. This display configuration, introduced with the iPhone 5, allows Apple to install thinner displays, and this means overall svelter phones.

Today’s claim is not surprising given that we have heard several indications that Apple is looking to boost the size of the iPhone’s display. Earlier this year, Reuters reported that Apple is exploring larger display sizes for the iPhone, particularly in the 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch “phablet” range. The aforementioned 4.7-inch Apple displays in testing would fit the claims of Kuo. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was testing displays up to 6-inches in size…

Over the past year, Apple has demonstrated a willingness to increase its product range. For example, next week, the company will expand its iPhone line-up to include a lower-cost, plastic model. The lower-cost smartphone market is an arena that Apple avoided entering for several years even as competition from Samsung and other Android device makers increased in emerging markets. Last year, the company rolled out a smaller iPad and is already rumored to be working on a 13-inch model for 2014. 

In today’s report, in addition to talking about the 2014 iPhone, Kuo hints that the iPad 2 may be discontinued next year.

iPad to switch completely to GF2 in 2014. We think that iPad will continue using GF2 touch technology given its advantages of slimness and lightweight. We think the G/G technology will be eliminated in 2014, only to be seen in the old model iPad 2.

The analyst says that Apple will move exclusively to GF2 touch technology (which makes for thinner and lighter devices), a technology not found in the iPad 2. For this year, we are expecting Apple to release at least two new iPads: An iPad mini with a Retina display, a fifth-generation iPad that looks like a larger iPad mini, and perhaps a non-Retina iPad mini for cost considerations.

In addition to speaking about 2014, Kuo has issued a separate report detailing his final predictions for Apple’s September 10th iPhone event. As we’ve been reporting for the past few months, here’s a summary of what to expect for the iPhone 5S:

We’ve additionally reported on some software enhancements that may be found in the new camera. While the iPhone 5S’s camera is not expected to see a megapixel increase from the current 8, the aperture is expected to enlarge. Kuo expects the plastic iPhone (“iPhone 5C”) to come in 7 colors and be priced between $400 and $500.

We expect Apple to announce FDD-LTE & TDD-LTE iPhone 5S & 5C at the same time.

A FDD-LTE version should launch before end of September and a TDD-LTE version 1-2 months later, as China Mobile (CN) needs time to properly prepare its TDD-LTE network. As China Mobile hopes to use iPhone 5S as the flagship model for promoting its TDD-LTE network, it would come as no surprise if the TDD-LTE version of iPhone 5S launches before iPhone 5C.

Kuo expects that China Mobile will launch the new iPhones 1-2 months after the initial device launches. The iPhone 5S is said to arrive on China Mobile prior to the 5C.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 11.28.40 PM

Kuo also provides a table to clarify which manufactures will be providing components for the new iPhones (above).

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35 Responses to “2014 iPhone will sport 4.5-5 inch screen, says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo”

  1. I hope it’s the “one more thing”. We need phablets with full cellular calling and texting for business. If not, I’m taking a serious look at the cost of migrating to a Note 3.


  2. Finally I can shut my friends up bout their stupid lagging driod , that they don’t know how to use, I know plenty people ready to jump back to Apple after leaving cause they want a larger screen.


  3. ifunography says:

    If Apple were to offer both a 4-inch premium iPhone (I say “premium” assuming predictions of the 5C and future low-cost versions are true), along with a say a premium 5-inch version, I wonder how the pricing scheme would be affected.

    For example, a new unsubsidized 16 GB iPhone retails for US$649, does the 5-inch come in at the $649 price point while the 4-inch drops in price to maybe $549-$599? Or does the 4-inch pricing scheme remain as it is now, while the 5-inch commands a higher price? {I’m using the unsubsidized pricing schemes because carrier subsidies can be few and far between outside the U.S., and I currently used an unlocked version)

    But even in the U.S. market, does the 5-inch come in at a higher price than current offerings, while pricing for the 4-inch remains as it is now for new models? Or does the 5-inch come in at a higher price than current offerings?

    A larger screen would likely increase component costs (glass, increase battery to power larger screen, etc) so there will be a balancing act to keep margins up…

    This will be interesting to watch if it does happen.


  4. glow6 says:

    Is there even a hint of this being earlier in 2014, breaking the usual cycle, or is this assumed at present to be fall 2014?


  5. I don’t want a larger phone but I know it’s inevitable that they come out with a larger screened phone. I just hope that they leave us with a 4 inch option for those of us that don’t want a larger phone.


  6. I will wait for the next iPhone with larger display at least 4.7″ , now Im happy with my iPhone 4.


    • PMZanetti says:

      LMAO. How ass backwards you people are. You’ll stick with 3.5 until the option of 4.7 exists?

      If you would just get any 4″ iPhone you’d see it’s all you’ll ever need. You absolutely don’t need a device that’s too big to use with one hand, and rocks back-and-forth as you try to type on it with two hands. I’ve seen these large phones in action and it’s completely ridiculous. The effect is no different than using an iPad with two hands out in front of you trying to type with thumbs. It’s embarrassing.


  7. I have been waiting for a big screen iPhone for years. Hurry up Apple! Anybody know how to hack iOS onto the HTC One?


  8. frankman91 says:

    Why is it next to the galaxy s3 up there and not the s4? Its even more alarming when you see it next to the current flagship Sammy.

    I think Apple need to ditch the strange aspect ratio of the 5 and go back to the industry standard. They could also squeeze a lot more screen in to the same chassis if they would get rid of the round home button and shrunk the huge top and bottom bezels.

    I can’t believe the largest format being offered today is a 4in phone and every time I read it I think it’s a typo. All my friends have moved off Apple for this exact reason and are VERY happy with their S4’s and new Motorola. I am also interested in the Ubuntu platform and how it becomes a full Ubuntu computer when docked.

    If you can step back and look at it honestly the current Apple phones are like Dinosaurs.


    • rettun1 says:

      Ur right, 16:9 will never catch on


      • frankman91 says:

        so you believe that the ONLY phone that has the right aspect ratio in the world is the iphone 5 and all other phones, even the previous iphones are wrong? Keep drinking the Koolaid….


    • PMZanetti says:

      Lol! More trash from clueless trolls. What empty heads like you don’t get is that Apps are more important than screens. Apple is more successful with a coherent ecosystem than they would be with every variety of screen size. Especially since 95% of buyers are not even considering screen size, or any other product for that matter.


      • frankman91 says:

        “The first thing we asked you was what size screen you’d most prefer in the next iPhone. Leading the way was 4.7 inches, which is the same size as the display on the new Moto X, Nokia’s Lumia 625, and HTC One (just to name a few).
        Individual size options aside, here’s the big takeaway: 79 percent of readers who responded want a screen that’s larger than the current iPhone 5 screen.
        Some bad news for all but the 21 percent of readers who yearned for a 4-inch screen: By nearly every indication, Apple’s going to stick with the same 4-inch display for both expected new iPhone models, the 5S and 5C. “


  9. Woody Pwx says:

    Relatively small screen, fully controllable by my thumb, is the reason I want to return back to iOS with the upcoming iPhone 5S. Currently I have Nexus 4 and 4.7 inch screen is too much for just one hand. Another bad thing on the IMHO best Android device is battery life and sometimes unresponsive reactions to finger touches.


  10. Personally, I would love a larger screen, however, 4.5 inch is the max. Any size larger than that is just too big for a phone. I truly believe that iPhone can be much wider and there is no reason that Apple should just keep the width because it’s not that hard to type with just one hand even with a wider screen. I have tried it on the HTC One and it still works perfectly.

    I say a screen size of 4.5 inch is pretty ideal.


    • PMZanetti says:

      Totally unnecessary. 4″ is good enough, and 4.5″ is not worth another major change to the App ecosystem and resolution options. There are already too many, with 3.5 AND 4 supported simultaneously.


  11. rettun1 says:

    I never liked phones with huge screens.

    Then again, all of them were running android


  12. frankman91 says:

    I have an s3 and my wife has an s4, both of which are exactly the same physical size, the s4 just has less bezels, and I agree that using my right hand it is hard to reach the top left corner with my thumb, however I am completely fine typing on it. I happen to use an aftermarket keyboard that I love that is missing the feature, but my wifes stock keyboard has a bias setting, so it slides a slightly smaller keyboard to the left / right side so she can easily type one handed. For ALL other purposes the larger format is COMPLETELY worth the small area my thumb can’t easily sweep to. Web sites are less tiring to read, movies are nicer to watch, nav is easier to use in car etc etc.


  13. Hunter Rudd says:

    I feel that if you can’t manipulate the entire screen with the thumb of the hand you hold the phone with then it isn’t a phone. I don’t want to have a Phone that I can’t text with one thumb or dial a call having to use two hands or awkwardly shift the phone around in my hand to extend my reach across the screen. I don’t see value added by Apple arbitrarily increasing market share using a larger screen. That doesn’t fit with Apple’s motto to make great products. Instead I feel that they are seeking marketshare through chasing trends not innovating and understand consumer behavior. A phone is a phone and a tablet is a tablet. Anything in between is purely an exercise in diluting your brand image, not increasing customer satisfaction by allocating your resources to a focused group of exceptional products. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… Tim Cook should be fired.


  14. Long shot, but does anyone know where I could find the wallpaper of the iPhone in the image above the article?


  15. Garret Davis says:

    2014…That is a laugh…Apple lost me when they refused to put out a larger screen years ago and I was forced to go to the dark side. I was really hoping they would somehow sneak in a 4.7-5 inch phone this year as I need a new phone now…..guess I will be staying on the dark side for a few more years as Apple stay behind the curve.


  16. Thanks for sharing your info on iphone. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.