We’ve seen all kinds of iPhone 5S imagery from backs, frontsads and packaging and more.

Today we have a new one. Above, you can see what appears to be a slate/graphite or black iPhone 5S (notice dual Flash) but this one has markings on it including the CCC or China Compulsory Certificate. That means it is headed for the Chinese market which if legitimate would indicate that a Chinese (perhaps China Telecom?) version of the iPhone 5S is imminent.

It could also indicate that the Slate iPhone 5S isn’t just a prototype color as we’d originally considered.


Recently Barclay’s issued a report postulating that iPhone 5C would be the Chinese iPhone.  This would seem to indicate that China will also see iPhone 5S. 

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16 Responses to “Slate-ish iPhone 5S seen with China Compulsory Certificate on it”

  1. Olz Rahman says:

    microsoft in the background- awkward


  2. What’s with the opening around the camera and flash? Is it a case or the actual back of the phone? Doesn’t appeal to me.


  3. Stetson says:

    So have we actually seen a black+slate or white+silver iPhone 5S shell at this point?

    I’m thinking that black+graphite and white+gold will be the only two 5S colors.


  4. I knew that Slate color was real! Can’t wait to purchase an iPhone 5s “throwback” edition. Totally reminds me of the first gen iPhone!


  5. Is that Microsoft under iPhone?


  6. This just looks like a black/slate iPhone 5 really, with a transparent plastic case. The “dual-flash” you see probably isn’t a dual-flash. Just look at the whole pic, it’s blurry, since they moved the camera a bit while snapping the photo, which makes the shape look longer. Just look at this for example: http://i.imgur.com/XkSNiRV.jpg


  7. The black iPhone 5 shows scratches and chips easily because they expose the silver colour of the aluminium. The white one doesn’t have this problem. Maybe Apple went for slate with a silver chamfered edge to address this problem. Black and silver would be too high of a contrast so therefore slate. Just my 2 cents…