We’ve received multiple tips indicating that Apple’s Cards app and service for iOS has stopped functioning. Cards was launched alongside the iPhone 4s in fall 2011 and served as an easy way for users to create custom-made letterpress cards and have them shipped to another person.

Apple has confirmed that Cards has been discontinued as of today:

Cards ordered before 1 PM Pacific time on September 10, 2013, will be delivered, and push notifications will continue to work. You can view your previous purchases by tapping Saved Cards in the app.

As a replacement, Apple recommends creating letterpress cards on iPhoto for Mac. Thanks, Zac Coffman!

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13 Responses to “Apple confirms Cards app for iOS is discontinued, recommends iPhoto”

  1. This sucks. This app was a lifesaver many times when I forgot birthdays were coming up. Is there a good 3rd party alternative?


  2. Wow, this is a huge letdown. The iPhoto version just mails the cards to your house, you can’t mail them to their destination. Apple should integrate the service into the iOS iPhoto app to give the service more visibility; most people weren’t even aware it existed.


  3. Shane Cutler says:

    Oh no!!! I better log into Ping and see what my favorite artists have to say about this!


  4. Chase Adams says:

    this sucks. i loved this app.


  5. I would recommend using Touchnote the app does pretty much the same thing and cards even cheaper and great quality.


  6. Oded Ran says:

    Bye bye Apple Cards. There are plenty of great alternative apps, just search the App Store for “postcards” or “greeting cards”.


  7. LAME!!! I actually used that several times a year!


  8. JotDot Birthday cards…..handwritten and posts them to facebook…saved me alot of times when I forgot. Even notifies you that day of all of the birthdays….


  9. no love lost from me…as everytime I tried, the system would say “not available in your country”… odd since I am in the US.. etc. A wonky bug I am sure.


  10. I actually used this app… like a lot. This sucks


  11. Sad news day for IOS users…..If you are an Apple Cards user you can try our card sending system out for free at…first card is on us and includes postage…Send a nice card to your Mom on us…you don’t need a reason!


  12. I never used Cards, the app Ink was MUCH better and cheaper to send really high quality cards.