The iOS 7 GM brings with it a slew of new ringtones that have replaced all of the default sounds for the device. All of the older ringtones are still available in a “Classic” ringtone.

Of note, Apple has even replaced the default ringtone with a new sound called “Opening” (at the end of the video above.

There are also new text tones:

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18 Responses to “Listen to iOS 7’s new ringtones and text tones [video]”

  1. Nikola Kuhar says:

    needs moar OS X BONG!


    • Apple blew it. Cheap phone. What we need is to figure out cloning. We need Steve Jobs back. The phone is the no better than any other HTC. When will we get some real innovation. Yes Bong or should I say Gong


  2. By the Seaside-Sounds like a combo of Napoleon Dynomite music and elevator msuic


  3. Andy Brooks says:

    this is so much better than a barking dog!


  4. There are new sounds for invoking Siri as well. They are “shorter” sounding but go in line with the newly released ringtones.


  5. This truly is innovation, the investors can rest in peace, literally.


  6. Thank god the default isn’t marimba anymore. I cringe every time I hear that in public, or at home because my dad has never changed anything from the default.


  7. A few of these are very Owl City sounding, especially the Night Owl one. I like them.


  8. Luis Lopes says:

    Ringtones…. i havent heard about ringtones presentation on iphone since 2007!

    Something is definitely wrong about Apple when Ringtones are a subject on a iPhone presentation.


  9. The default ringtone sounds like crash bandicoot.


  10. You can listen to direct captures from the Gold Master here:
    They’re better quality than these videos!


  11. I was excited to finally get some new sounds but listening to these it sounds like those old Nokias, et al, from the turn of the century. The high frequency, the limited range on most of them, the lack of spacial depth, they sound cute but sound way to tinnt and cheesy. Agree some of the original apple sounds were lame and pretty useless but damn is this the best they can do? Who approves this stuff? Someone without any aesthetic sense that’s who.


  12. Um, who the heck composed these, Mark Mothersbaugh?