Following today’s iPhone event where Apple unveiled its new colourful “lower-cost” iPhone 5c and the gold iPhone 5s with built-in fingerprint sensor, the competition is already weighing in on what it thinks about Apple’s upgraded smartphone lineup. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Twitter account sent out the tweet above with the headline “5 things Apple didn’t announce today” while promoting Nokia’s Lumia 1020’s 41MP camera.

So what are the five things Apple didn’t announce according to Microsoft? The company’s link takes us to an image of the Lumia 1020 highlighting some of the device’s features including the 4.5-inch AMOLED display, the ability to personalize the device’s start screen, a 41 megapixel sensor with a “reinvented zoom,” and the Nokia Pro Cam to “control shutter speed, focus, and white balance.” While Apple’s new iPhone 5s includes the same 8 megapixel camera as the iPhone 5, Apple has made some major improvements with the addition of a a dual LED true tone flash, a new five-element lens designed by Apple, a F2.2 aperture, a sensor with a 15 percent larger active area, auto stabilization, and bigger 1.5 micron pixels. It’s also added a burst mode that will continuously take photos a rate of 10fps, and the 120fps slow mo mode. The new flash specifically is meant to improve photos taken in low lightning conditions, something Nokia has focused on in past parody ads attacking the iPhone.

Microsoft isn’t the only one commenting on today’s announcement, as Nokia’s own account also sent out the tweet below noting that it did smartphones in various colors before the new iPhone 5c and joking that “Real gangsters don’t use gold phones.”

While Apple did pack some big shiny new hardware features into the iPhone 5s with a fingerprint scanner, much faster A7 processor, and the new “M7″ motion co-processor chip, it’s yet to be seen if Apple’s upgrade will be viewed as a minor refresh by the average consumer. One thing is for sure, Apple’s competition will definitely be focusing on the fact that today’s iPhone upgrades did not include a higher megapixel camera or larger display.

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27 Responses to “Microsoft/Nokia already attacking Apple’s new iPhone 5s & 5c”

  1. One thing neither Microsoft or Nokia did today: Be relevant, man.


  2. I’d love a higher resolution CCD on my DSLR making it an affordable medium format camera. I don’t see the point on a cell phone, overkill for uploading to Facebook or viewing on a cell phone display.


    • I am not comfortable with people using the word overkill like that in consumer technology…the whole point is to be able to have a device that is so advanced that it can do all that and more. I welcome the camera improvements made by Apple, and I think one day we will definitely have iPhones that can take pictures just as good as a DSLR can.


  3. One thing they forgot to do. Make nice phones


    • You think that iPhones are nicer than Lumias?!!! lol why then Apple imitate Lumia on their iPhone 5Crap?


      • Last time I checked, Apples been making very bright colorful products since 1998. But hey, whatever.

        I like when people accuse competitors of stealing Apple-specific designs and implementations, the haters always say “Apple didn’t invent yada yada.” Well how about this, Nokia didn’t invent colors.

        Two can play that game ;)


      • There are some striking similarities between the Lumia’s single plastic piece design and the 5C — one thing is for certain though, at least now with the 5C, people won’t be opening the box to find a pre-scratched phone. My buddy went through FIVE iPhone 5’s and every single one of them came pre-scratched from the factory. I really hope Apple has found a solution for this problem as they are continuing to use anodized aluminum on the 5S.


      • latinoboyboy says:

        Yes, actually much nicer. Lumias are always bulky and have a 1 too many flaps or covers, and let’s not even get started on that hunchback they call camera on the 1020 (even though it’s a great camera). The iPhone 5C is pretty slick and seamless, unlike all of the Nokia Lumias. The HTC One is the only other smartphone that is near the build quality of the iPhone 5, 5S and it has a bunch a partitions and stuff. The only other smartphone that is kind if comparable in design to the 5C is the Moto X.


  4. I guess when you hold 3% of the market share in the smartphone industry, you start to do anything to make your phone look more appealing.


  5. Real pro, guys. Real pro.


    • While I agree, it’s also “real pro” for Apple to mention in their own event that the new iphones are “android free” — That’s a lame joke and they shouldn’t even be mentioning Android. They should say “the other guys” or just not even mention competitors at all — that’s the whole point, they’re pretty much irrelevent.


  6. This is so delusional, it’s funny, like in a sad way…


  7. latinoboyboy says:

    No, upper-middle class people use phones….. Gangsters use guns. :/


  8. They actually forgot Security out of their 5 S’s because you could beat somebody down with their brick of a phone.


  9. To Nokia/Microsoft:

    You’re Welcome.


  10. degraevesofie says:

    A nit:

    While Apple’s new iPhone 5s includes the same 8 megapixel camera

    It’s clearly not “the same 8 megapixel camera” given the continuation of that sentence:

    as the iPhone 5, Apple has made some major improvements with the addition of a a dual LED true tone flash, a new five-element lens designed by Apple, a F2.2 aperture, a sensor with a 15 percent larger active area, auto stabilization, and bigger 1.5 micron pixels.

    Anyway, the camera improvements may well be what I look forward to the most in the new iPhone.


  11. Dima Konev says:


    the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.


  12. wrjoissaint says:

    Ok. Windows took too long to create phones to impress people. Android came into the market and said they planning to take their spot. In which they did, now windows is trying to regain their spot they lost years ago. So all these jokes they post is quit funny when they numbers are quite low.


  13. I love how all the apple supporters are celebrating over another A.A.C. – Apple Anti-Climax.

    so much promise and such little follow through yet again, it’s like getting promised a Mercedes and being given a Lada with 300000 KM on the odometer.