30 percent of iOS users upgraded to iOS 7 in the first 16 hours, according to data from tracking company Mixpanel. As we fanboys love to do, compare with the Carrier-controlled Android ecosystem where you have to go back to last year’s Android 4.1 to find numbers close to that:

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.00.26 AM

9to5Mac readers were of course way ahead of the game … 

9to5Mac was seeing close to the current numbers a full three days ago before iOS7 was released to the general public (Developers, Developers, Developers!) . This is September 15th:

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 14.48.36

And right now, you’re sitting a smidgin under 80 percent:


If you want to see what effect that had on the Internet, Akamai’s real-time web monitor had the answer, with Global Nerdy catching the screengrab as Europe climbed on board. In a nutshell, the Internet as a whole was operating at 112 percent above normal capacity (via Fortune).

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 14.33.24

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9 Responses to “iOS 7 adoption hits 30 percent in first 16 hours (9to5Mac readers are at 80% though)”

  1. Sorry, worldwide 30% adaption in 16 hours? I don’t believe that. What does Maxdata’s data come from exactly?


  2. So far these are new tweaks i’ve found in iOS 7 running in iPhone 5:
    Dictionary must be downloaded before it works.

    Beware with safari, switching or opening tabs too much might restart the iPhone, nevertheless safari runs faster than before.

    Bugs from app store might be irritating in the form of “Shadow app”i find this bug when updating skype.

    No improvement in battery life.

    New gestures especially control center is a bit tricky, the key is to swipe beyond the edge of the screen, this feels like os 10 of blackberry.

    The overall feeling using iOS 7 is like using iOS, jelly bean & bb os 10 all in one device, but the trademark smooth of iOS is still there, it takes sometimes to get used to it.


  3. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    But Android OS is better because… because… because it has 80% market share and it comes on really cheap smartphones. And Wall Street favors it 10 to 1 over iOS which will soon be irrelevant as a mobile OS.



    • ryscript says:

      Tim Cook on Cheaper iPhone
      – … We’re not in the junk business
      ( Lets say N4 is cheap because it really is a cheap phone ) and yes I’ve been a victim of these junk devices the wifi is sometimes it works and sometimes not.

      It comes on really cheap smartphones
      – HTC One Google Edition
      – S4 Goolge Edition

      Why I listed only Google Edition? the reason is I only need Phone that always update, bug fixes and more in real time.

      Those are two Android devices that are not even cheap :p


  4. I downloaded iOS 7 for both my ipad 2 and my iphone 4s as soon as I could. So far, I was bothered by:

    – I really REALLY miss share widget. I would always tweet using the widget, now I have to open an app (normally hootsuite) to do that, taking more time.
    – weather in notification center don’t always display current temperature.
    – some apps I use (including some from apple, like podcasts and ibooks) didn’t upade for iOS 7, so the appearance is sometimes incoherent. The new visual is beautiful, but i still see some fake wood someplaces…

    Everything else is perfectly fine. I’m pretty satisfied with it =D