Tim CookOther Apple executives have been on Twitter for a while, and today CEO Tim Cook sent out his first tweet mentioning that he visited retail stores in Palo Alto for the retail launch of the iPhone 5s and 5c. Cook has been a member of Twitter since July, but his account is not yet verified by Twitter. Apple marketing chief Philip Schiller retweeted Cook’s tweet earlier today proving that the account is indeed run by the Apple CEO.

Earlier today Cook, along with Apple executives Phil Schiller and Eddie Cue, made an appearance at Apple’s Palo Alto retail store in California to greet customers that queued up for the launch of the new iPhones today.

Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller sometimes tweets about issues related to the company. For example, back in March Schiller tweeted the words “Be safe out there” along with a link to a study showing a much higher number of security threats on Android compared to iOS.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.14.50 PM

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8 Responses to “Apple CEO Tim Cook joins Twitter, waxes on visiting Apple Stores today”

  1. Did Steve have a Twitter account? LoL j/k!


  2. pbranham says:

    Wonder how this ranks on the leaderboard of most retweeted/favorited first tweets ever.


  3. Ray Kwong says:

    Saw Tim today at Stanford Mall store today and jokingly told him that I thought it was easier to find real gold than a gold iphone and he busted up laughing but then said that they are working on that now! He’s was very nice to everyone today.


  4. Rob White says:

    Hi guys, the 2 newcastle (UK) stores had big queues and were sold out of iPhone 5s by 08:30 , some 5c were left. my wife was gutted..


  5. PMZanetti says:

    Just to give you an idea of why you should turn off mainstream media forever:

    Channel 2 news reported that, “Apple executives showed up to the iPhone launch hoping to bolster sales because the company has been in decline.”

    I shit you not. That is fraudulent news as you can tell, and that is the same accuracy with which they report everything.


  6. Too bad Tim didn’t come to Chicago to see loyal line holders bullied out of their place in line – My friend and I waited in line for more than 12 hours at the Lincoln Park Apple store in Chicago. I was originally #8 in line when the line first started. But by 8 AM when the doors opened 30 thugs had line cut in front of all of us their leader carrying a 3″ stack of $100 bills. Despite huge complaints from every one in line Apple employees allow these guys to stay and purchase every Gold, Silver and unlocked version. The thugs were violent and threatened us – but Apple employees did nothing. The ring leader walked out with more than 50+ phones – we got video of him with the cash walking around to each apple employee paying for the line crashers phones in cash. When they were done he walked out with 4 huge bags loaded with new iPhone boxes. He owned 5 phone stores and put half them on craiglist and the other he shipped offshore. Thanks Apple for not defending the little guy – after 5 years of being a front place line holder I’ll never wait in line for an apple product again. Tweet about that Tim!