When Apple announced on Monday that it had sold a record 9 million iPhones during the launch weekend for the new iPhone 5s and 5c, it also said that around 200 million iOS devices have been updated to iOS 7 since the update was released less than a week before on Sept.18. Apple said it was the “fastest software upgrade in history”, but didn’t compare iOS 7 adoption to previous releases.

Mobile app marketing platform Fiksu has been tracking millions of iPhones hourly since the launch of iOS 7 and it’s latest numbers show iOS 7 adoption is much higher than previous releases. Fiksu has iOS 7 usage at almost 58 percent just 7 days after release, compared to under 47 percent iOS 6 had in the same timeframe and 27.2 percent of devices for iOS 5. That almost 60% share for iOS 7 is up from the 30 percent estimated by Mixpanel less than 24 hours after the release of iOS 7.

Mixpanel and other tracking services also have iOS 7 adoption at around 60% as of today.

Fiksu is tracking usage of the new iPhone models as well and reports iPhone 5s currently makes up 1 percent of their sampling versus 0.3 percent for the iPhone 5c:


Earlier this week web analytics company Localytics estimated that the 5s accounted for around 78% of new iPhone models sold globally, but a new report this morning from the reliable Mingchi Kuo estimates sales of the new models are closer to a 50/50 split.

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8 Responses to “iOS 7 adoption rate much higher than previous releases, now approaching 60 percent overall”

  1. I’ve seen more regrets after upgrading to iOS7 than ever before. Apple will not allow users to downgrade, so now people are left with a nasty taste in their Apple Koolaid. I walked into an Apple Store yesterday and there was a line out the door with iOS7 problems, some had been in line for 2 hours.


  2. What company doesn’t let the consumer decide which option they want….how arrogant


  3. Do you think part of it is the forced-download of iOS7, whether the user wants it or not? They still have to choose to install it, but if they don’t, it stays on their system, gobbling up 2-3GB of storage until they do.