Netflix has just released version 5.0 of their iOS app, bringing Netflix HD and AirPlay streaming to iOS 7 users.

With AirPlay streaming, videos can be streamed from the device to an Apple TV while running the background. The feature no longer relies on AirPlay mirroring, so users aren’t tied to the app while watching videos on their TVs.

From my personal experience with version 5.0, the iPad app isn’t working with AirPlay streaming yet, but HD is available. On the iPhone, AirPlay streaming (in the background) is working as well as HD.

What’s New in Version 5.0

* Netflix HD for iOS 7
* AirPlay streaming for iOS 7 (requires disabling AirPlay mirroring)
* Playback optimizations
* Stability improvements

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6 Responses to “Netflix 5.0 for iOS brings HD and AirPlay streaming to iOS 7 devices”

  1. Great. Now all we need is Netflix in Belgium.


  2. Ye, yes, yes. All nice features. But the Netflix app (developped by Apple – according to a Netflix support person) is still very buggy (on appleTv). AppleTV Netflix app is still not showing the same content as fx. The corresponding iPad app. And the search engine is working poorly and in some cases presenting misleading results.


  3. bennevis1 says:

    I haven’t updated to iOS7 on my ipad mini (have heard iOS7 is still glitchy on ipads, plus I just don’t like the look of iOS7), so I’m wondering if this Netflix 5.0 update will create glitches on an ipad that is still running iOS6.

    Anybody update to Netflix 5.0 on an ipad mini that is still running iOS6? If so, any problems?


  4. Dustin Lee says:

    you ruined my day. i use a cable to connect my phone to my tv (REGULAR TV. NOT APPLE) and itkeeps saying “the connected display is not supported. if you are using airplay disable mirroring. i dont have a tv that will use airplay and now my phone will not play netflix on my tv. it did it fine before.. fix it or i switch to windows phone and hulu. your updates are horrible