Yahoo Mail is officially 16 years old today and to celebrate the company announced on its blog that it is rolling out an entirely new Mail experience on iOS as well as on the desktop and Android. A popular feature of many other mail clients, Yahoo Mail now includes the ability to view email threads as conversations:

We’re introducing “conversations” for those who prefer to view emails grouped in threads. At the end of the day, being able to see an entire conversation can save you quite a bit of time. Context is king.

Perhaps the most notable addition, however, is the features previously only available to Mail Plus customers. That includes a free 1TB of storage for all users:

Disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding are now available for everyone. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re giving you a monstrous amount of storage, 1TB (that’s 1,000 GBs), so you have ample space for all your emails and attachments. It sure beats one of those annoying noisemakers. Current Mail Plus customers can continue to use Mail Plus and can learn more here.

Yahoo also says the new app now includes one-tap functions for searching, starring, and deleting when hovering over an email. You’ll also now be able to “collapse the left-hand toolbar to be more productive.”

The new apps will also offer “visually rich themes” with “curated Flickr photos” that will allow users to set a theme on one platform and atomically have the themed applied to all other devices.

The updated Yahoo Mail app is rolling out for English speaking users in the US, Canada, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa.

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6 Responses to “Yahoo redesigns Mail on iOS w/ conversations, disposable email addresses & a free 1TB”

  1. Kalle Kenkel says:

    I really like the looks! … but still find the bevel&emboss in the logo absolutely dreadful.


  2. Yikes! So far the App just hangs on the loading screen on both my iPhone 5S and iPad 4. Anyone else?


  3. oscarherreramx says:

    Hola que tal, interesante nota muy bien eso me gusta del iOS que a cada rato está en constante actualización


  4. Paul Schram says:

    I can’t figure out how to change the theme on my mail screen. Plus the one thing I hate about Yahoo mail, is that you can’t do a one click delete that I know of. If I have 46 spam emails, I have to tap each one to send it to trash, then tap each one again to delete completely. Such a time waster. Again, unless I’m doing something wrong.


  5. Looks Horrible! What is with the background? really wastes the look.