Following the interview in which Jony Ives and Marc Newson talked about their collaborative design of the one-off Leica M camera for the (RED) charity auction, the one-of-a-kind desk designed by the two has also been unveiled.

As you might expect, it’s made from machined aluminum, fabricated by renowned aluminum specialists Neal Feay Studio. The design is, though, not quite as minimalist as I’d expected, featuring a mosaic pattern on its surface. More photos below the fold …

The desk will be auctioned by Sotheby’s on 23rd November. I suspect if you have to ask for an estimate, you can’t afford it …

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6 Responses to “After the (RED) Leica, the (RED) desk (in aluminum, of course)”

  1. Nice desk. It just needs a shelf below for all our external hard drives, and a hole somewhere near the center to route all the cabling. And both can be done without damaging its beautiful design.
    My only concern is about having an aluminum desk with all your electronics in it which poses a risk of electrocution.


  2. Looks like an ironing board, I’m just sayin


  3. The interesting thing about this design (and the Leica camera’s design) is that is seems classic like in another universe it’s being mass produced yet it’s going to be unique in ours