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Apple today has changed its iPhone 5s shipping estimates in the United States (and other countries such as China, Canada, and Australia), to note that the phones will ship in 2-3 weeks. Previously, Apple said that phones would ship in October. The high-end of the new quoted time will put some phones in the range of shipping during the first week of November…

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In addition to noticing the shipping estimate change on Apple’s website, we have heard from a number of iPhone 5s buyers who have ordered iPhone 5s devices from Apple in the past day or so. These readers have been quoted delivery estimates ranging from the end of the first week of November and all the way until mid-November (November 11th). The 2-3 weeks shipping estimate is consistent across carriers and device colors.

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7 Responses to “Apple now says iPhone 5s ships in 2-3 weeks, customers seeing mid-November deliveries”

  1. I ordered a 5S during the verizon unlimited data loophope saga, and it still says my ship date is 10/14. I got space grey, 16GB. Keeping my fingers crossed it won’t be delayed…just checked the order status, still good for 10/14 :D


  2. If you order today and it is 2-3 weeks, then those that ordered a week ago should be getting ours soon. Hoping!


  3. I just ordered one today, and it’s telling me it ships the 18th of October.


  4. Can i get a shoutout for telling your guys about this story? Geez