screen568x568 (1)YouTube has updated its app for iPhone and iPad today to version 2.2.0 and with it comes a few performance enhancements and new features.

One highly requested feature that YouTube is making available in the latest version of the iOS app is the ability to select video quality, much like you can on the full desktop website, while over WiFi.

The updated app also includes improvements for iOS 7 compatibility and Accessibility.

What’s New in Version 2.2.0

* Choose your video quality while on Wi-Fi
* Accessibility improvements
* iOS 7 compatibility improvements

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5 Responses to “YouTube for iOS updated with ability to choose video quality on Wi-Fi, iOS 7 improvements”

  1. darkmx2000 says:

    I love how they say it’s updated for IOS 7 yet it still has the old keyboard which means it’s not optimized for IOS 7 *SMH*


  2. It litterally takes 4 taps to change the quality, and theres no way to so set 720p or highest quality as default.


  3. not big deal you know… only upto 720…. where 1080?