Image via MacRumors

A banner that appeared in the Colombian App Store seems to indicate that Apple may finally be updating its Remote app with a new design for iOS 7. The banner sports a redesigned icon that we first noticed earlier this month in the iTunes device manager. The new icon uses much more white than the previous version and conforms to the icon grid used to design Apple’s other iOS 7 icons.

Many of Apple’s apps have already been updated with a new design, but updates for Remote, Find My Friends, iTunes Connect and iBooks have been noticeably absent. It seems at least one of those will be redesigned in the near future, although there’s still no word yet on when the others might finally get a makeover.

We haven’t been able to independently confirm the precense of the banner in the App Store, which was likely published earlier by accident.

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6 Responses to “App Store banner corroborates impending iOS 7 update for Apple’s Remote app”

  1. frikova says:



    • Mike Beasley says:

      *quietly fixes typo and shrinks back into the shadows*

      Thank you ;)


      • frikova says:

        No biggie, that’s a very common mistake, I’ve bee living in Colombia for some time and I’ve seen it written that wayby non-spanish speaking people LITERALLY thousands of time.

        Or maybe not literally, but really, countless times.


  2. What about Find my Friends!!! C’mon Apple!!!!


  3. Find my Friends needs updating as well. Hate the faux leather look.


  4. And don’t forget about iBooks, a flagship Apple app.