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Introduced by Apple at the September 10 iPhone 5s event, Nike has launched its Nike+ Move application for the iPhone 5s. The app was originally scheduled to arrive on November 6th alongside the new FuelBand SE hardware, but it appears that Nike unleashed the program a bit early.

The application requires an iPhone 5s as it is completely based off of the new iPhone’s M7 motion co-processor chipset. The M7 chip, which Apple plans to integrate with its own mapping software next year, works with the iPhone’s motion sensors (like the compass and accelerometer) to provide by reliable data while simultaneously improving the phone battery’s overall efficiency.

Like with the FuelBand hardware, iPhone 5s users can utilize the application to track their movement and transform those statistics into Nike’s proprietary Fuel Points system. The app integrates with Apple’s Game Center platform so that you can measure up your scores against your friends. The app can also tell you at what points of the day you are most active, and it could provide charts that breakdown this information.

The app is available for free on the App Store. Release notes from Nike below:

Nike+ Move is the simplest way to capture your every move, and motivate you to move more!

Exclusively for use with iPhone 5S, Nike+ Move uses the M7 coprocessor to convert your movement into NikeFuel, the first-ever single, universal unit for measuring all kinds of activities. No matter your age, weight or gender, the same activity earns you the same amount of NikeFuel.

Nike+ Move offers insight into when you move, how you move and where you move – and lets you challenge your friends to see who moves more.

• Win the day by beating your NikeFuel average and watch your goal ring change from Red to Green.
• See when you are most active throughout the day and how you’re doing compared to yesterday.
• Move more often and win as many hours as you can throughout the day.
• See how you moved through the day with a breakdown of running, walking, and other movement.
• See where you’re moving and where you move the most each day.
• Check out how you compare against your Game Center friends or other Nike+ Move users near you.

*Note: iPhone 5S is required to get motivated with Nike+ Move.

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11 Responses to “Introduced at iPhone 5s event, M7-integrated Nike+ Move fitness app launches”

  1. AirDJ31 says:

    Stupid question alert: What’s the difference between this and the Nike Fuelband app we already have?


  2. won’t the new NIKE FUELBAND SE work fine with the iphone5 ??


  3. ifunography says:

    I’ve downloaded the app and it’s pretty neat I suppose but, like most people have said in their reviews of the Nike Fuelband, Nike Fuel is pretty abstract. It would be nice to still be able to see some more tangible information like step counts and calories burned. Is there any chance of these features coming to Nike+ Move or the Fuelband?


    • The Nike+ Fuelband already shows calories burned and steps counted, even miles walked. The main measurement is the Nike+ Fuel, but then it breaks it down. I do not have Nike+ Move, so I am not sure if that app breaks it down, but the Fuelband does.


    • The Nike Fuel measurement was made so that you can compare different activity (walking vs running) based on the amount of energy exerted. So even though you walked or ran the same number of steps, the energy exerted is different. That where Nike Fuel comes in.


      • ifunography says:

        I see, thanks to both of you for the clarifications. I’m pretty sure the reviews I read on the Fuelband said otherwise but maybe I missed something or the reviewers just had no clue what they were talking about. If there’s a way to see that info in the Nike+ Move app, I haven’t found it yet.


  4. I’m guessing it’s not available for us outside of US.. ? When I click on the link “Nike has launched its Nike+ Move application for the iPhone 5s.” This app shows up: Making of Making Powered by NIKE MSI


  5. Is it only out in USA I can´t find it in Denmark