Just in time for those new iPad Airs and soon-to-ship Retina iPad minis, Twelve South has introduced an all-in-one travel case for stowing your tablet along with tons of compartments for organizing your headphones, cables, and other accessories.

Keeping with the theme of the popular BookBook lineup, the Travel Journal takes the appearance of a vintage novel, both a tasteful stylistic statement and a clever security benefit. Twelve South says the dimensions are similar to that of Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs biography and accommodates all previous models of full-sized iPads as well.

If you don’t have an iPad or just prefer to carry other accessories like for your MacBook, the BookBook Travel Journal looks great for holding your MagSafe power adapter, Magic Mouse, or other laptop accessories as well.

I’ve used Twelve South’s BookBook case back in my iPhone 4 days and found the material and build quality to be top notch. These leather cases are quite durable and tend to look better with age. Availability details and more photos below.

Twelve South’s BookBook Travel Journal is available for order starting today for $99 with free shipping.

If you like the BookBook lineup, you can deck out all your Apple gadgets here and check out their other offerings here and be sure sure to check out our best new iPad Air and iPad mini case roundup.

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6 Responses to “Twelve South’s BookBook Travel Journal: a beautiful rich, leather case for your iPad, new or old”

  1. “found the material and build quality to be top notch”

    Bullcrap. If you read reviews all over the web you’ll see that their products fall apart all the time.


    • I have a few products from them and that most definitely not been my experience. I have the Bookbook for ipad, compass , and the backpack shelf for imac. They’ve all worked really well for me. I do know there’s a lot of knock off brands on ebay and amazon so be careful not to get those. #twelvesouth #appleaccessories


    • Web Brown says:

      I understand the pain you may feel as TwelveSouth’s recent issue was with SurfacePad for iPhone. I had mine sent back twice but it turns out it was a design flaw with the adhesive from the manufacturer, not TwelveSouth. It was corrected and now works perfectly and each time 12S sent a replacement ASAP. You cannot ask too much more from a company that works hard to make good products to use with your Apple devices. I have BookBook for iPhone and Macbook Pro (need to buy a new one for 5s) HiRise, BookArc, and SurfacePad. Without a doubt one of the best peripheral companies and almost everything they do is top notch. If you have an issue, I’d call TwelveSouth directly. They are friendly to talk to and I’m sure will want to make you a satisfied customer.


    • PMZanetti says:

      My SurfacePad for iPhone completely fell apart after a month, which I returned for a refund, as they had no replacement to offer.


  2. These people are unclear on the concept. If I wanted to haul around something the size of my mid-90’s laptop, I never would have pounded it into shrapnel with a rock.


  3. PMZanetti says:

    Safe to say I won’t be buying any more “leather” products after having the SurfacePad for iPhone.