Following the significant revamp of Google’s iOS Search app earlier this week, the search company updated its Google Drive application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with several new features.

What’s New in Version 2.1.0

– Multiple Account Support. You can now switch between personal, work, or any other Google account
– Single Sign In: Sign in once to Google Drive and you’ll automatically be signed in to apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Chrome, and G+
– Print your files now with Google Cloud Print or AirPrint
– iOS 7 Support

Notably, users can now have multiple accounts on Drive for iOS and the app supports single-sign-on across Google apps on iOS. Also new is increased compatibility for iOS 7 and printing either via AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.

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3 Responses to “Google Drive for iOS updated with multiple account support, printing”

  1. Matthew Sims says:

    When will Gmail be updated for iOS7 though?


  2. Aaron Renner says:

    I’ve been hoping for multiple account support. That’s going to be nice.

    Now if we could get a Google Music All Access iOS app, that’d be great.


  3. Is there a way to make the user enter their password each time. I am thinking of multiple users on the same ipad in classrooms. I dont want them to be able to access each others’ accounts.