It’s no secret that Messages on OS X, Apple’s IM app that’s integrated with its iMessage service on iOS devices, has long been a frustration for users. The app has received a name change and slightly new look since the iChat days, but it hasn’t improved much in terms of functionality or reliability– some would say it’s gotten worse. While many of you would probably settle for a Messages app that simply works reliably, app developer Denis Pakhaliuk just sent over his concept of a completely revamped Messaging app for OS X.

On top of a redesigned UI that implements “Smart Colors” and some iOS 7-style translucency, the concept imagines a Messages app with much needed filter and sync features, truly instant sync between devices, new indicators for statuses, media uploads, and more.

Head below for the full gallery:

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34 Responses to “Concept imagines a much needed redesign of Apple’s Messages app for OS X”

  1. that looks great I would love to see apple design the app like that, like you said a redesign is needed!

  2. bbodayle says:

    Looks great, except the transparency is way too similar to Windows 7.

    I love the chat bubbles connected to the contact image.

  3. I just barfed a little everywhere

  4. nmpomes says:

    It doesn’t really match any of Apple’s design language.

  5. That is NOT a good design for so many reasons.

  6. The biggest annoyance about Mavericks for me is the half-arsed attempt at getting rid of skeuomorphic design. They’ve re-designed the Notes app yet left a skeuomorphicly designed Dock icon. The same goes for Calendar and Address Book.

    I really expected more of an iOS influenced OS X with Mavericks.

    Let me know your thoughts @jpfpreston

  7. Reminds me a lot of windows vista..

  8. Apple needs to sync iMessages to iCloud so users can get to iMessages without being on OS X or iOS devices.

  9. Wow. That’s ugly. Apple already experimented with transparency in earlier versions of Mac OS X. Images look like it is Windows Vista or 7. If you look at “Smart Colors” You will see that it’s almost impossible to read text on that new design. Even Microsoft disabled transparency for windows in Windows 8 because it has no purpose at all.
    And gray color of OS X looks neutral and familiar.

  10. Avenged110 says:

    That is horrifying. Reminds me of Windows -__-

  11. looks nice! change is always good

  12. Scott says:

    Somebody make this!

  13. “Much needed?” No. Transparent makes it less readable. I already hate that Apple tried it with the Menubar, the one thing that badly depends on readability (thank God I can turn transparency off).

  14. tallestskil says:

    On the contrary, this design is absolutely hideous and Messages has never been more functional. Instead of disgusting Aero knockoffs, how about keeping the same design, integrating FaceTime into one application (ZERO excuse for this), and making Messages actually SHOW ME A LIST OF MY CONTACTS THAT I CAN IMESSAGE, SINCE THAT’S BASICALLY THE POINT OF THE APPLICATION.

    Those are my two complaints: FaceTime directly integrated, show me a list of the people I can message. Anything else needs to be as conservative as possible.

  15. It looks ok to me, i’d prefer to see an update of Mail though. It’s essentially been the same since FOREVER

    • tallestskil says:

      And why would they change the best design on the market? What reason does the design have to change? How could a different design serve you up your e-mail better than this?

      These are questions you haven’t asked. You have to ask them before thinking a design should be changed.

  16. frippz says:

    We’re not making Windows 7 here… Next!

  17. Quick someone get a cloth my eyes are bleeding!

  18. Its not ugly per se, but its a wild mix of current OSX, iOS 7, Vista Aqua etc…Apple would never design it this way, it would be a lot cleaner design. And, if/when apple redesigns imessage I´m pretty sure it will either be in the looks of the current OSX design or together with the rest of the OS in a cleaner iOS7 kind of look…as a revamp of the entire OS (which I suspect will happen sooner or later).

  19. markroder says:

    Too much UI transparency, the contacts section on the left will be hard to read in many situations.

    Love the plain flat Close, Minimize, Maximize buttons! Many well observed details.

    Also, all your female contacts are models?…

  20. regardless of what people think about the design, apple needs to work towards integrating iOS and OSX design and feel. If you’re sending messages from ipad and iphone during the day – going back to messages on the mac just feels “old”…

  21. I would like to be friend with this guy, so I can meet the models in his chat bubbles! LOL.

  22. ellzworth says:

    A+ for the effort, but holy geez. Bastard child of something Microsoft would make along with Yahoo!

  23. I like the idea of favorites and smart color, but why not just unify communications with the mail app? The accounts are probably all there anyway, and IMs could just appear in a threaded view like they are now. And the smart colors are just another description of Mail app tagging and smartfolders. Changing the rest of the colors around is just distraction and change for the sake of change; it doesn’t do anything to improve the app.