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In line with our report from early-October has launched a completely redesigned version of its Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and iPod touch. The new design is in-line with the new, simpler aesthetic of iOS 7, and a similar design launched for Android a few weeks ago. In addition to the new design, the new app brings some new functionality:

  •  The ability to see which friends are using the app
  • Capability to message others through Messenger as long as you have their phone number
  • A fresh new look with navigation to see recent conversations, people on Messenger, and your settings

The update is available via the App Store now as version 3.0. Also in the works, sources say, is a version of the main Facebook application with support for Graph Search. It appears the company has let the interface for that update slip at a developer event:

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 6.08.10 PM

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12 Responses to “Redesigned Facebook Messenger for iPhone launches with phone number integration”

  1. jlword says:

    Wow. It’s funny that this is such a big deal for iOS. Windows has had this functionality built into the core OS from the beginning. Facebook Messager is actually PART of the fundamental Messangig hub for Windows Phone. To chat with a Facebook friend on Windows phone there is no need to download a separate app.
    Because Facebook, Linked and Twitter are integrated as part of the Windows Phone OS, all of those social network contacts are imported(you can filter if you wish) directly to the People Hub(windows phone version of contacts- called People Hub since it takes contacts to the next level by strongly incorporating various aspects of network contacts into one place).
    As part of that People centralization drawing from those social networks, you get all of the persons info found the social network, basics such a name and phone #, job, adress, website, etc. You also get direct chat capabilities with all Facebook contact’s even though WITHOUT a phone number. Because windows phone is people centric and not app centric, chatting with my over 700 Facebook friends (many of whom I have no number for) is as simple as texting them if I had thier number. I select the person and select the option on their contact card allotted for Text+Chat+Messanger(MSN Messanger now Skype). Then I type away. If they are online I will see it in the CHAT+TEXT window. If they are offline and I happen to have that particular persons number, Isimply hit an arrows icon at the bottom of the screen to switch from CHAT to TEXT. Thhe cool thing is, again because of Indows Phone is people centric, a conversation stream flows consistently wheter your CHATTING or TEXTING a person. Its all part of the phone ls MESSAGING(not messenger) hub. Incoming CHATS com in JUST LIKE incoming text messages. A small indication the the messaging window lets you know the mode CAHT or TEXT you are communicating in. Finally you can see everyone online with FACEBOOK chat right in the Messaging Hub.


    • Garrett says:

      Man I’m sure you feel really good that you got that off your chest…


    • So what? Why brag about something so stupid. This app is great for iOS customers … it’s got NOTHING to do with Windows ….


    • Derek Huey says:

      It removes any of the features that makes Facebook chat unique while forcing you to stay logged in all of the time. It’s terribly obnoxious.

      webOS did this first, and it’s just as bad on Windows Phone.


    • No thanks. We don’t want FB integrated in system like this. Sharing option is enough and whole FB is stup*d ;)


      • jlword says:

        😊 to each his own. The fortunate aspect of the Windows Phone approach is you do have the OPTION. You can filter the FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter contacts out if you like as you like. If you don’t want the OS to log into FB chat, you can opt not to, and use the messaging options TEXT, MSN messanger that are part of the OSas you please. With Apples approach. You use the built in Text messaging(SMS) messaging center or you download, the separate app FB Messager, supplied by another company, Facebook, which is now simply duplicating the built in SMS option on iOS, in an attempt to get iOS users to use its FB app to text (SMS) peiple so that FB will remain relevant against other messaging options available. This of course requires the user to think ok I want to talk to my friend Johnny, so let me go to contacts, oh no I mean FB messanger. Yeah “Launch Messanger” – TEXT. In windows phone, communication is focused on the person. I want to talk to my friend Johnny, go to People hub, and start communicatiingnvia whatever option TEXT+FB Chat or MSN Messanger. Right from one spot. Far more efficient. Gid to have options.


  2. Does anybody know if it is at all possible to change the notification tone…it is horrible!!!


  3. how to logout from this app ???