YouTube Capture, which is essentially a dedicated video camera app by Google, delivered version 2.0 today bringing with it an iOS-7 friendly user interface and new features for editing what you record. Getting started is made easier now with support for Google’s single sign-in across its iOS apps; alternatively, you can use the app without logging in sans YouTube sharing.

YouTube Capture 2.0 introduces support for pausing and resuming recording. This allows you to record and edit multiple scenes before uploading. While the app primarily intends for you to send your videos off to YouTube, it also supports sharing to Facebook and Twitter as well as saving videos to your iPhone or iPad.

With its new iOS 7 design comes a new icon as well.

Notably, YouTube for iOS has yet to be updated for iOS 7 (for example, it still features the iOS 6 keyboard), so maybe this signals that an update to that app is soon to follow.

YouTube Capture 2 is a rather powerful (and free) app available in the App Store.

What’s New in Version 2.0.0

* Pause and resume recording
* Stitch together multiple clips into a seamless video
* Rearrange or trim individual clips
* Add a soundtrack from your music collection or Capture’s expanded audio library
* Major bug fixes and stability improvements
* iOS7 compatibility improvements

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2 Responses to “YouTube Capture updated for iOS 7 with simple sign-in, more editing features”

  1. nmpomes says:

    When is Google going to find out that we all hate that little thing at the bottom of their app icons?