Photo: Sunday Mirror

Photo: Sunday Mirror

Foxconn is ceasing production of the iPhone 5c at one of its factories in order to boost production of the iPhone 5s, according to sources cited by Digitimes.

Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) will stop production of the iPhone 5c at its factory in Zhengzhou, northern China, and shift the capacity to iPhone 5s, according to industry sources.

Digitimes is not the most reliable of sources, but this one gels with other reports suggesting that Apple is cutting back on production of its plastic handset in order to keep up with demand for the iPhone 5s.

The reports can, of course, be viewed as indicating either success for the 5s or failure for the 5c. Given the numbers reported last month, following on from record opening weekend sales, it seems pretty clear that while Apple got its predictions wrong, the reason is good news rather than bad: more people than expected opting for the high-end handset.

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9 Responses to “Foxconn stops iPhone 5c production at one factory, switches capacity to 5s”

  1. They’ll move more of them when it becomes the free one next year.


  2. I thought 5C was being produced at Pegatron?


  3. rettun1 says:

    I wonder what would the lineup look like next year.
    Obviously an ‘iPhone 6′ (high end)
    5c for free?
    Updated 5c?
    5s for $100 cheaper?

    They sell four iPad models, maybe they’ll have 4 iPhones too.


    • tallestskil says:

      How is this difficult to get?

      iPhone 6: $199
      iPhone 5SC: $99
      iPhone 5C: $0


      • I think for once in the history of the iPhone, it won’t be that simple. IF the rumors are true about a bigger screen iPhone (IF), price points may vary from the traditional ones. You might be aware that Apple values human ergonomics by not making the iPhone a huge brick. Once it’s clear they’re loosing too many customers because of the “small display” nonissue (feature) AND once Apple has a tweaked UI that makes using a 5″ display somewhat less a pain in the ass, then a bigger iPhone is born, likely the iPhone 6.

        BUT since a lot of people still value ergonomics and usability over bragging about how 5″ screens eliminate the need of a tablet (…), I believe Apple will release a 4″ successor to the 5s at the same time (thus killing the 4S and leaving developers with “only” 2 screen sizes for the foreseeable future). So if this will be the lineup, there might be a little shakeup in prices.

        Btw, it’s 5c and 5s, no capitals;)


  4. arthdave says:

    I think this was apple’s plan all along to offer two phones. One crappy and one high end so than people will only opt for the high end phone.


  5. Dan Mitchell says:

    The plastic iPhone would have sold better, had it been cheaper – the difference in cost, between 5c and 5s is simply not enough to persuade anyone to go for the plastic/colored, no-fingerprint, poorer-camera version.


  6. Sam Murray says:

    No surprises, who would buy a 5C? Just not worth the price tag.