Tapbots has pushed out a notable update for their popular Tweetbot for Mac Twitter client. The update brings a number of fixing, and also adds smoother scrolling and quick-reply via notifications for users on OS X Mavericks:

  • Smoother Scrolling (10.9 only)
  • You can now reply to tweets/DMs from the notification itself (10.9 only)
  • Lists and saved searches now refresh every 2 minutes instead of 4
  • Fixed the issue where you’d see ‘Please enable wifi’ when fetching your location while composing a tweet
  • Fixed the issue where searching your timeline, then scrolling to top then dismissing search field could move your timeline to the top
  • Fixed a potential issue where app could hang when using secondary windows
  • Fixed a few issues on 10.7
  • Various bug fixes and improvements for 10.9

The update is free on the App Store, and the app costs $20 for the initial purchase.

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One Response to “Tweetbot for Mac updated with smoother scrolling, quick-reply via notifications”

  1. Since Mavericks, I can’t (Magic Mouse) swipe to view the conversation. Are others having that problem?