Cook at Palo Alto Apple Store (Getty Images)

Tim Cook with retail employees at Palo Alto Apple Store (Getty Images)

Today it was revealed that for the holiday season Google will be giving its employees a Nexus 5 or a Nexus 7. In past years, Apple has not given its retail employees a significant gift for the holiday, though employees have been given hoodies.

The first gift to Apple Retail Employees was $10 off of a $50 iTunes gift card. This isn’t something to brag about considering a lot of stores offer this promotion frequently. Another gift Apple gives its retail employees is the ability to purchase third-party accessories at a steep discount, with new products being added to the selection each week. Apple has done this in past years:

According to several Apple retail sources, Apple employees have been able to purchase the Belkin WeMo Switch at 50% off, the Philips Disney Friends of Hue StoryLight for 40% off, Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker for 50% off, LifeProof cases for the iPad for 50% off, Tech 21 cases for 65% off, Jawbone Up 24 for 40% off, Nike + FuelBand SE for 50% off, Incase Neoprene Sleeves for 50% off, JayBird BlueBuds X Premium Bluetooth Headphones for 50% off, Beats by Dr. Dre In-Ear Headphones for 40% off and Speck SmartShells for the Mac for 60% off.

If you’re looking to get a few discounts of your own this year, be sure to follow our sister site 9to5Toys on Twitter.

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4 Responses to “Apple Store employees getting accessory discounts again for the holidays”

  1. If they keep adding stuff to the list it’ll be less like Christmas and more like Hanukkah.


  2. I wish I know who reveal so much info from  employee only portals!?


    • Bryant… I must ask Why you say that ? @BryantWms

      its good for a company to be transparent right? They could learn a thing or 2 from Google if you ask me. After all, Feedback is a very important and when you work for a company like apple and give out “meh” perks…. its just sad. the company I work for Now (I am a former 4 year apple employee) is a 160 million company with only 400 employees. EVERYONE has paid insurance as well as a gym membership, corporate chaplain access and (at least) 17 pto days and a paid cellphone. Oh and you get a extra 30 min if you work out on lunch. (Total 1.5 hr lunch)

      Its ok tho here is a Apple Hoodie for all of your hard work… amazing.

      Now needless to say I did love making dreams come true and enriching lives at apple. It it what it is, Retail life. you deal with it and just move forward. Im just saying I with they would treat the employees better.

      Transparency is like competition in technology. When another company finds creative ways to make things better it should inspire others to match it or find even better ways of doing things,


  3. What’s the point of mentioning Google in this story other than as a dig at Apple?