Steam Mobile, the iOS app that lets you buy games and stay in touch with the Steam community from your iPhone or iPad, has been given a new UI for iOS 7. It also adds some new features (notably offline chat) and stability improvements.

The user-interface retains the dark color scheme, but has a flatter feel and cleaner typography in line with the iOS 7 look. The revamp is a partial one, however – the app still has the iOS 6 keyboard and some non-flattened elements such as the 3D chat bubbles seen above.

The full change-log is:

- New look and feel
- Offline chat
- Improved push notifications and icon badging
- Moved invites to a separate screen
- Streamlined interface for responding to friend invites
- Display friend nicknames
- Added iconography to indicate that friends are on mobile or using Big Picture
- Include Facebook suggested friends in invites list
- Improved stability and performance

The app is a free download from iTunes.

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