Apple has updated its Remote application for iOS with the ability to control iTunes Radio playing on a user’s computer. Previously the app could only control playback of music that was stored locally in an iTunes library, but now Mac and PC users will be able to control their streaming stations remotely as well. The feature does not appear to work with Apple TVs running iTunes Radio yet.

The app was recently overhauled for iOS 7 along with Apple’s other iOS software. Remote is free on the iOS App Store.

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3 Responses to “Apple updates Remote app with the ability to control iTunes Radio”

  1. Cannot browse My stations or features stations.


  2. One feature that would be a killer for me is if Remote could display what the TV is showing on any moment.

    That would spare you turning the TV on (or physically going somewhere where you can watch it) just to browse around the radio stations that are on the device.

    When I don’t stream stuff to my ATV from some iOS/Mac device, I mostly want to listen to some radio station from the “local” (on-device) list. Since I don’t really watch movies, it means I have to have a TV lying about just to be able to browse the damn thing…


  3. hmmm…i updated but can’t figure out where to find the feature. It doesn’t seem to be under Genius nor Internet Radio (more). What am I missing?