Tweetbot for Mac was updated today to version 1.4.1. The new update brings a collection of sorely-needed fixes to some of the biggest bugs affecting users of the previous version, including the inability to see new tweets when they load, problems with multi-monitor setups, and direct messaging issues. It also includes all of the updates to version 1.4, including smooth scrolling on OS X Mavericks, quick-reply from notifications, and more.

The update is available for free to all current users. New users can grab the app for $19.99.

What’s New in Version 1.4.1

– Fixed the issue where you can see “x unread items” but can’t scroll up to see them
– Fixed the issue where direct message images would not load when clicked
– Fixed the issue with some users seeing hangs related to iCloud syncing or playing audio
– Fixed the issue where the main Tweetbot window could move from the secondary to primary monitor after restarting the app

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One Response to “Tweetbot for Mac updated with several much-needed bug fixes”

  1. If it wasn’t that expensive, definite buy for me… I love TB 3 on my iPhone…