Scanner Pro, the document-scanning app for iPhone and iPad created by Readdle, is available for free this week as part of Apple’s “App of the Week” promotion. The app uses an iOS device’s camera to scan documents, complete with real-time border detection for perfectly-sized scans, and stores them as PDFs in a variety of cloud services, including iCloud and Google Drive.

The app also supports outgoing faxes directly from the app, in case you need to fax a signed document back to someone. Outgoing fax credits are available as in-app purchases.

You can grab your free copy of Scanner Pro on the App Store for this week only. After that the price goes back to the regular $6.99.

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4 Responses to “Scanner Pro for iOS available for free as the first iTunes App of the Week in 2014”

  1. Used this for years. Wish they would allow folders within folders, but otherwise it’s excellent.

    And oh look, for Pete’s sake 9to5, how many time will you require I log into twitter? Set a damn cookie.


  2. I’ve been using jotnot pro for a couple years and really like it, but I definitely picked this up. Looks comparable.


  3. PaperBox, an app I created, is the best document scanner available on the iPhone. It has phenomenal scan quality which results in great PDFs! PaperBox supports OCR, highlighting and signature signing, categorization, tagging, etc. It uses Dropbox to synch documents back to your computer. These documents are fully searchable by the OS, so if you categorize something as a cable bill, you can search for cable bill and the PDF will come right up. Best of all, the app is 100% free! Check out