Cloud-storage service Box released version 3.0 of its iPhone and iPad app today to its users. While the app features new navigation and a fresh user interface, Box also says its app has been rewritten in version 3.

New features include faster search within the app and better previewing for documents and media. The service offers users 50 GB of free cloud storage so there’s plenty of room to store content.

Box for iPhone and iPad is available for free on the App Store.

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10 Responses to “Box brings 50GB of cloud storage to iOS with new design, search improvements, more”

  1. How do I get the 50GB? I just downloaded the APP and only have 10. Thanks!


  2. Same for me, Alejandro! Does somebody has any idea how to get that 50gb space?


  3. sardonick says:

    The space was nice, but they’ve got a long way to go to be Dropbox. (so does everybody else for that matter) at least for me, nothing is faster, and that’s paramount for business.


  4. Wyatt says:

    I’ll have to disagree. It all depends on your needs. Dropbox doesn’t offer WebDAV but Box does. So for me Box has always been my cloud storage solution of choice.


  5. Winski says:

    EVEN the NEW app is limited to 1) IOS Files that exist in your ‘library’ only …Photos and MAYBE a vid if YOU too it and stored it in the ‘library’… AND, only files less than 250 MB.. ALSO, in the ‘library’… VERY limited… NOT very useful… I’ve abandoned it because it seems to be a scam. Security of the data stored on Box’s cloud is – AT BEST – flimsy…..Sorry Box.. LOSER !!!


  6. I hate box because I have issues with logging in EVERY single time I have to. I have to reset my password constantly even though I use 1Password so I know my password/username is correct. So effing annoying.


  7. igreekiphone says:

    You can get 50gb if you already got em from the last offer they had can you!?


  8. Web Marketing Expert says:

    Ziddu offers free cloud storage service for 50 days with unlimited space. A new version of mobile Apps for both iOS and Android are launched for mobile cloud services.


  9. Kelly Garcia says:

    Data Protecto gives 500 MB Secure online storage. You can easily update your package
    to get more space as per your need.